Murder in Starowa Gora. A murderer is a rapist. He was waiting for a victim

Murder in Starowa Gora. A murderer is a rapist. He was waiting for a victim
Murder in Starowa Gora. A murderer is a rapist. He was waiting for a victim

In Starowa Góra near Łódź, Małgorzata B. disappeared on her way from home to work. She had to walk less than a kilometer to the bus stop. She never got there.

After 16 years, X-Files police have identified an area where a woman’s body may have been hidden. They cleared and dug up a hectare of field. This is a wasteland overgrown with trees for years, which was searched immediately after Małgorzata disappeared. The police, however, found nothing. This shows how perfidious the murderer’s plan was and how effective the perpetrator of the crime was.

The remains of a woman were found in the side of the designated area. Items and items of clothing found near the corpse facilitated identification. DNA samples were taken from the woman’s sons to be sure. If they agree, they will confirm beyond any doubt that the body found in the forest is the missing Małgorzata B.

Murder in Starowa Gora. A murderer is a rapist. He was waiting for a victim

– The search for a woman continued for years, and her fate was unknown – Krzysztof Kopania, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź, tells “Fact”. “Today we can say that she was the victim of a homicide. A 41-year-old man, the probable perpetrator of the murder, detained by the police, was questioned at the Łódź-Górna District Prosecutor’s Office. He heard charges of aggravated homicide in connection with rape, prosecutor Kopania reveals.

The suspect may have known the victim because he lived nearby. In the prosecutor’s office, he confessed to the crime and gave detailed explanations. His description of the tragic days before the murder is striking. The man planned everything carefully. He chose the victim, watched, prepared the crime scene, where the corpses were hidden, and waited in the trap set for Małgorzata.

The prosecutor reveals some of the explanations of the beast from Starowa Góra. On the eve of the murder, the perpetrator planned an attack on the woman. He knew that he regularly goes to the bus stop at ul. Border.

He planned the murder in advance. In the forest, next to the path connecting the housing estate in Starowa Góra with the first street in Łódź, where the bus runs, he dug a deep grave. The next day at dawn he lurked in the woods and waited.

When he saw Małgorzata hurrying to the bus stop, he pounced on her with the intention of raping her. He tried to take advantage of her and then killed her. The prosecutor does not reveal whether there was rape, but describes the act of murder in detail.


— The suspect killed the woman by striking her hard in the head, strangling her and pressing her chest down with his knees. He then moved the body to a dug pit where he buried it, the prosecutor says.

The story of the disappearance and the search for the missing Małgorzata from Starowa Góra

According to the prosecutor’s statement, an autopsy of the woman’s remains confirmed the victim’s explanation.

– The man charged with murder remains at the disposal of the Łódź-Górna District Prosecutor’s Office – says Krzysztof Kopania. “From Friday, a decision will be made on his fate, including the application for pre-trial detention.

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