War in Ukraine. The 457th day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Live

“Sabotage actions in Russia, such as the armed raid in the Belgorod region, have no potential to find active support in Russia,” he said. Ivan Preobrazhensky.

“The Russians are not ready to support the armed struggle against Putinism,” said Preobrazhensky, a political scientist and independent media expert, living outside Russia. He expressed the conviction that the majority of Russians do not support the war against Ukraine. “If armed resistance is presented as a fight against the Russian ruling class, its acceptance is possible, but passive, not active” – ​​added the expert.

During the day-long incidents in Belgorod region The Russians saw again the attitude of the state, which – as Preobrazhensky says – “does not protect” people and “much less does it regard them as citizens with any rightsThe expert believes that one of the effects of the incidents may be the formation of self-defense units by the inhabitants of the borderland, but most likely the Russian army will introduce regular troops or military personnel mobilized to the front to the border zone

The article is in Polish

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