The secret of sabotage on Nord Stream. What did the Polish investigators find out?

The secret of sabotage on Nord Stream. What did the Polish investigators find out?
The secret of sabotage on Nord Stream. What did the Polish investigators find out?

A new lead of German investigators on the Nord Stream explosion

German investigators are investigating two new leads about sabotage on the Nord Stream gas pipelines last year. Both lead to Ukraine, reports the German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The newspaper informs about the findings of the international journalist network, which, apart from “SZ”, also includes the German public broadcasters WDR and NDR as well as the Polish portal Frontstory, the Swedish newspaper “Expressen” and the Danish daily “Berlingske”.

Shortly after last year’s explosions on the Nord Stream, the German investigation into this case was taken over by the Federal Prosecutor General (GBA). In March this year ARD television and the weekly “Die Zeit” for the first time reported suspicions that the yacht called “Andromeda” and her crew may have been involved in sabotage. In early September 2022, five men and a woman set sail from Rostock on a yacht. They were supposed to reach the Danish island of Christansø, located near the explosion sites. On the table in the cabin, investigators later found traces of explosives that could have been used underwater, the media recall. Even then, it was reported unofficially that the yacht was rented by a Ukrainian-owned company from Poland.

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The version about the crew of “Andromeda” is supposed to have many weak points

In addition to the Germans, the Swedes and Danes are also conducting their own investigations into the Nord Stream explosion. In Poland, this is handled by the Pomeranian Department of Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office together with the Internal Security Agency.

As “Rzeczpospolita” found out, the version that the blowing up of the pipelines was the work of Ukrainians who camouflaged themselves in Poland and did it with Polish participation is to be promoted by German investigators. The version about the crew of “Andromeda” is supposed to have many weak points.

– Both threads were checked and they are definitely not leading – a person with knowledge of the Polish investigation tells Rzeczpospolita.


The people on the yacht didn’t look like professionals at allwho could perform such a task. They were partying, acting loudly, drawing attention to themselves (…) No professional would attract attention so ostentatiously one of the investigators tells the newspaper. – It had to be done by people from the service. Well trained, equipped with specialized equipment. From us, only specialists from Formosa could cope with such a task – he adds.

According to information obtained by “Rzeczpospolita” Polish investigators determined that there were many Russian units in the area at the time of the explosionat least a dozen, certainly more than ten of them were able to submerge. What is important, some of these craft had disabled their transponder, a device that emitted a signal, making them difficult to detect on the water. These data have also been confirmed by the Danish servicesy – four days before the explosion in the Nord Stream, the Russian ship SS-750 with a miniature submarine operated in this area.

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