The situation of women in Poland was discussed in the Sejm. The words of the PiS MP are shocking

The situation of women in Poland was discussed in the Sejm. The words of the PiS MP are shocking
The situation of women in Poland was discussed in the Sejm. The words of the PiS MP are shocking

The parliamentary club of the Civic Coalition applied to the Prime Minister for current information. It concerned “the prime minister’s untrue narrative about the situation of women in Poland during the rule of PiS, i.e. poor medical care, lack of state aid in caring for dependents, restriction of reproductive rights and lack of refunds in vitro, lack of the law on equal earnings and starvation pensions”.

Barbara Nowacka, MP, spoke on behalf of the applicants. – The Prime Minister did not appear in the hall today, despite the fact that he was so eager to tell (…) what a wonderful time it was for women. When you have to face a parliamentary discussion, the prime minister is not there, she said.

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The MP assessed that Polish women are afraid of having children because they have limited access to gynecologists, and also because the regulations on the conditions for terminating pregnancy have been changed. Doctors, she continued, are afraid to give advice, prescribe contraception, provide services. Nowacka also pointed to changes regarding in vitro reimbursement, which deprived poor people of the possibility of using the procedure. She also said, among other things, that there are still not enough nurseries. She enumerated that sexual education in schools is practically non-existent, but there are ideologized subjects. She also pointed out that women’s wages are lower than men’s.

“This is human production”

Barbara Bartuś also spoke in the stormy debate. The PiS MP said that “the total opposition is trying to make women disabled people who can’t do anything and everything has to be arranged for them”.

– You limit the fight for women’s rights to the fight for contraception, for the right to abortion – that is, the right to kill children who have already been conceived – and at the same time you shout that so few children are born – added Bartuś.


The PiS MP also referred to the idea of ​​in vitro funding, calling this procedure “human production”. – This is not a method of combating infertility, this is human production – said Bartuś, which caused a stir in the deputies’ benches.

In turn, Barbara Dziuk, another PiS MP, was asked by journalists in the Sejm about the difficult access to emergency contraception. – I am pro-life and I have never used chemical contraceptives and I am a healthy woman, a healthy mother – she said.

When journalists pointed out to her that perhaps other women would like to have access to emergency contraception, the PiS MP added: – You have to be aware in life, and I think that Polish women are aware and do not need to use contraception.

Source: PAP;; Virtual Poland.

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