New news on the health of Dawid Kubacki’s wife. “First Victory”

New news on the health of Dawid Kubacki’s wife. “First Victory”
New news on the health of Dawid Kubacki’s wife. “First Victory”

Dawid Kubacki provided new information about his wife’s health.

For several days, news about the health of Dawid Kubacki’s wife, who is fighting for her life, has been waiting. On Saturday, the jumper provided new, fortunately good information. “First victory,” he wrote on Instagram.

Kubacki withdrew from the competition in Vikersund for personal reasons. As it turned out, the matter is very serious, because it concerns the life of his wife.

– My wife Marta ended up in the hospital for cardiological reasons, her condition is serious and the doctors are fighting for her life. She’s in good hands, she’s a strong girl, I know she’ll fight. Of course it’s the end of the season for me, but that’s not the most important thing right now.

Words of encouragement and support poured in from all over the world. Everyone was waiting for more information about Marta Kubacka’s health. On Saturday, the jumper gave such information via social media.

– The last time was something more unpredictable for our family than ski jumping. At no competition I was as stressed as hearing the continuous sound from the equipment monitoring my wife’s vital functions. Today is the day of the competition, and for us the first victory. Marta is stable and each day brings some progress. Thank you for all your supportive words,” he wrote.


The couple got married in 2019. They also had two daughters – Zuzanna and Maja.

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