Marta Kubacka “in the best hands”. I don’t know what hospital she went to

Marta Kubacka “in the best hands”. I don’t know what hospital she went to
Marta Kubacka “in the best hands”. I don’t know what hospital she went to

Marta Kubacka is still in the hospital after suffering from serious cardiac problems. Adam Małysz revealed in which facility he is located. – He is in the best hands when it comes to cardiology in Poland – he added.

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– I don’t think there is a person from our environment who would not be affected by this – said Adam Małysz, commenting on the illness of Dawid Kubacki’s wife in an interview with “Fact”. When asked about the first reaction to the news about the illness of the jumper’s wife, Małysz admitted: “To be honest, when I found out, my legs gave out.”

Marta Kubacka is still in the hospital. “He’s in the best hands”

Recall: David Kubacki unexpectedly dropped out of the Raw Air competition. Initially, the athlete’s personal reasons were discussed in general terms. Then Kubacki posted a post on social media: “My sudden return home …. I owe you a word of explanation. My wife Marta ended up in the hospital for cardiac reasons, her condition is serious and the doctors are fighting for her life.” He added: “She’s in good hands, she’s a strong girl, I know she’s going to fight. Of course it’s the end of the season for me, but that’s not the most important thing right now.”

The jumper’s father later revealed when his daughter-in-law was hospitalized. “Kubacka was hospitalized with serious heart problems on Sunday morning. Her husband, having received this message in Norway, immediately resigned from participating in the competition in Vikersund and found himself in the country on Sunday evening, “Super Express” reported. Adam Małysz said in an interview with “Fact” that “Marta is in the best hands when it comes to cardiology in Poland.” – She went to the hospital in Zabrze, to the ward of Professor Religa. You have to keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well and succeeds. For Marta to recover and Dawid to jump – admitted Małysz.

This is not the first statement of the former jumper on this matter.

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Expressions of support will come to the Kubacki family

Words of support for the Kubacki family come from all over the world of sport, but not only. An entry in this regard included President Andrzej Duda, Archbishop Jędraszewski also prayed for Kubacka’s quick recovery.

“Dawid Kubacki has repeatedly given us reasons to be happy and proud, showing the beautiful face of a believer. Today we are all with him and his loved ones in this difficult moment” – emphasized the Metropolitan of Krakow. “Mrs. Marta, Mr. Dawid, the whole Church in Krakow embraces you with prayer, entrusting your family to the special care of St. John Paul II – the patron of families!” – added.

The fact that Kubacki unexpectedly resigned from participation in the Raw Air cycle was announced on Sunday, March 19. Krzysztof Skórzyński talked about the background of this decision and what was happening under the hill at that moment in “Dzień Dobry TVN”. The station’s sports correspondent was visibly moved.

– I have a very personal relationship to this matter, because I know both Dawid and Marta. Before 14:00 we got a message from the Polish Ski Association that at 14:00 we all have to be in such a place – it’s called a mix zone – this is a place for journalists under the ski jump, where interviews are made. Then Thomas Thurnbichler, the coach of the national team, who had such a short speech, came down to the journalists in this zone, said that for personal reasons, Dawid is forced to return home – he withdraws from the entire Raw Air cycle – reported the journalist in a broken voice.

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