Marta Kubacka is fighting for her life in the hospital. Who is David’s wife?

Marta Kubacka is fighting for her life in the hospital. Who is David’s wife?
Marta Kubacka is fighting for her life in the hospital. Who is David’s wife?

Dawid Kubacki met his wife in Katowice. They studied together

Dawid Kubacki met his wife Marta Majcher in 2013 at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, where they both studied. His beloved from Katowice trained fencing, represented the colors of the Katowice Palace, but she was also interested in ski jumping. Unfortunately, her sports career was interrupted by an injury, so she focused on children and helping her husband in matters related to the career of a professional competitor.

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— I started my adventure with fencing at the age of 10 (…) As an older competitor, I competed in the Silesian championships, then in the Polish championships, then I joined the macroregion team, the Silesian team and finally the Polish team. As a representative of our country, I went to various World Cups, including the European Championships – I won’t say that I was more successful there, but I treated this sport seriously – Marta Kubacka revealed some time ago in an interview for Radio Zet.

Dawid Kubacki proposed to Marta Majcher in August 2018, during a vacation in Egypt. Then his beloved boasted in her social media of a beautiful ring that the Olympic medalist put on her finger.

The lovers got married in the church in Bachledówka on May 1, 2019. Among the wedding guests there were family, but also athletes, and above all ski jumpers, who together with Dawid Kubacki represented Poland at great sports events.

Marta Kubacka devoted herself to caring for children

Dawid Kubacki’s wife devoted herself to caring for the couple’s children. On December 29, 2020, the woman gave birth to a daughter, Zuzia, who was born on the day of the inauguration of the 69th Four Jumpers Tournament. The couple’s second child, Mara, was born on January 6, 2023, just before the final competition of the 71st 4-Hills-Tournament.

Marta Kubacka described her motherhood experiences from time to time in her social media. The wife of the Polish ski jumping representative runs an Instagram profile that is followed by 41,000. people. There, the woman posts various recordings and a photo showing what her everyday life looks like.


For some time, Marta Kubacka has also been a representative who presents and sells the popular kitchen robots – Thermomix. The woman rather shuns the glare of flashlights. She does not appear at celebrity events, rarely gives interviews, and from time to time takes part in large galas where she received awards on behalf of her husband.

Dawid Kubacki’s wife is also an animal lover. Some time ago, she convinced the athlete to buy a Bernese Mountain Dog, which the couple named Berni. The woman dreams of another dog, but so far her husband does not agree.


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