Magda Linette’s road to glory. France and Napoleon in the background


Magda Linette is a revelation of this year’s Australian Open and tonight she will play for the semi-final of the tournament. The Polish woman’s road to the top was difficult, and her family history is especially interesting.

David Frank
January 24, 2023, 16:40

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Two hundred years ago, one of the French soldiers, who fell in love with a Polish woman during the Napoleonic Wars, moved to Wielkopolska. It is his great-great-great-granddaughter Magda Linette. Today it is difficult to say whether it is the original surname after the French ancestor, or slightly changed, because – according to the website – the surname Linette takes various forms, and in itself means a person who grows flax.

Let’s also add, by the way, that our tennis player has no family relationship with footballer Karol Linetty, although from time to time athletes support each other in social media. Recently, Linetty congratulated his friend on the winning match.

Financial pressure

Magda Linette was taught tennis from scratch by her father. Already at the age of 3 she received her dream racket, and two years later she started training. Her idol was Monica Seles. Over time, the father of the young player decided that it would be better if Michał Dembiński took her under his wing, and he himself would train others. To this day, Tomasz Linette is a tennis instructor. His daughter, in turn, felt more and more pressure. This was especially noticeable when she was 15-16 years old.

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– Entering the world tennis is associated with numerous trips, and thus – high costs. At the age of fifteen, I didn’t know if financial considerations would allow me to pursue a professional career. At that time, I only played in a few foreign tournaments that we could afford financially – she said for the portal

– When we managed to leave, I often felt panic on the court, resulting from the huge financial responsibility for our entire team – she added.

Fortunately, the thought of quitting tennis was put out of her mind by a sponsor who appeared when she was 16 years old. Then Linette, already having some financial security, began to develop her career. Seven years later, she was in the top 100 of the adult ranking for the first time.

She did not abandon her studies

For Magda Linette, apart from tennis, learning is very important. The Polish woman completed a course at the renowned Harvard Business School. Studying at Indiana East University can be even more impressive.

After training on the court, the player would sit down to books and learn. The studies were carried out extramurally, and the Skype platform was most often used for exams. Linette chose the field of marketing and management. She graduated in 2021.


Traveling is also important for Linette. The tennis player likes to recharge her batteries in warm countries. In an interview with, she admitted that she treats it as a reward after the hardships of the season.

She had great success

Magda Linette could often be described as a solid tennis player. She won two WTA 250 tournaments in singles. She missed a great Grand Slam success. This one came less than a month before his 31st birthday. The Poznań player advanced to the quarter-finals of the Australian Open (previously she reached the maximum of the third round of Grand Slam tournaments). Along the way she defeated three seeded rivals (Anett Kontaveit, Jekaterina Aleksandrowa, Caroline Garcia). You can see that the cooperation with Marek Gellard is very good, and the Polish woman changes directions, plays angularly and offensively.

In earlier years, the trainer of the Polish tennis player was Ivo Zunić. They also started to create a couple in their private lives, which made them decide to separate the two spheres and then the Croatian stopped being her coach. However, this relationship did not last and Linette was no longer preparing for the new season in Croatia. However, Iain Hughes joined Gellard and it is this duo who supports Magda in Melbourne from the stands.

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