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Izabela Marcisz was indignant after Friday’s competition in Lillehammer. The Norwegian TV 2 broadcasting the competition live showed the moment when the Polish runner changed her clothes. “They should do something about it,” said the youth world champion last year, quoted by Dagbladet.

Screen: Dagbladet TV / TV 2

During a World Cup competition, it is usually the case that the changing places that the organizers designate nearby are naturally located near the starting area, often in the vicinity of the place where journalists, technical staff and race organizers stand. This is the perfect place for TV cameras. Competitors usually gather there before the start.

It was bad luck that Izabela Marcisz was in the frame of the Norwegian TV 2, when she was changing clothes before the start. This is not a comfortable situation and it is not surprising that our young player is outraged. – In Ruka we had a separate changing room, but here it is inconvenient for women. When you have to change clothes, you have to do it. It would be good to do something about it, because it was inconvenient for me – said Marcisz in an interview with Dagbladet.

The cameras showed the Polish runner when she changed clothes. It went live

– I am ashamed, but I think that the organizers of the run are more ashamed than I am – added the leader of the Polish team sharply. Her opinion was supported by one of the best players in the world, Frida Karlsson, who decided that this should not be the case. – It’s a mistake. There is a lot going on before the race and we don’t think it will be recorded.

“We wish it didn’t show, but it happened so quickly that we didn’t realize it until later.” Our camera position is in line with the organizer and FIS settings, so we hope that they will take care to ensure that this type of image is not shown on TV in the future – TV press manager Jan-Petter Dahl told Dagbladet.

Dagbladet was also in contact with FIS media contact Synne Dyrhaug. He claims that there is a tent right next to the starting point where competitors can change. However, it is possible that something will change.


Source: Dagbladet

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