Maximum gas prices. The European Commission presented a proposal, Anna Moscow assesses it as a “joke”


We treat this proposal, which appeared the day before yesterday, as a joke. It’s hard to take her seriously. Most of the countries that were preparing a proposal for a maximum price for gas months ago (…) will express themselves in this way today. We expect that we will be taken seriously,” said Anna Moscow.

The Germans are blocking the works

As she emphasized, almost all of Europe is puzzled over the problem of setting a maximum price for gas. – The European Council obliged the Member States to develop solutions in the field of solidarity, in the field of renewable sources, but above all, a maximum price for gas. And there is no room for interpretation or discussion there, she assessed.

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Of course, Germany is still against this solution. Today is another test of whether the European Commission will stand by the majority of European countries and citizens who are already experiencing winter, or whether it will continue to conduct hidden negotiations with Germany, emphasized the Polish minister.

EU energy ministers will debate the future of this proposal in Brussels on Thursday.

This is how the gas price cap is supposed to work

According to the EC’s proposal, the mechanism would be activated automatically when two conditions are met:

  • the settlement price of the TTF derivative exceeds EUR 275 for two weeks;
  • TTF prices are €58 higher than the LNG reference price for 10 consecutive days over a two-week period.

Once these conditions are met, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) will immediately publish a market correction notice. On the following day, the price adjustment mechanism will come into effect and orders exceeding the safety price limit will not be accepted.

If it is necessary to react to possible unintended negative effects of the price cap, the EC proposal provides for the possibility of immediate suspension of the mechanism at any time.


The mechanism may be launched from 1 January 2023.

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