Maciej Kurzajewski’s sister strongly about Paulina Smaszcz’s arguments: “This FESTIVAL OF MYTOMANIA hits our family”


Paulina Smaszcz does not let go and for several days gossip portals have their hands full again. In the following lines, the mother of the children Maciej Kurzajewski revealed that the journalist did not meet the conditions agreed during the divorce, and she learned about the disappearing family photos in his house from his sons, who cannot come to him unannounced.

Paulina Smaszcz is not going to give up. He accuses Kurzajewski of lying

These threads are just one of many Paulina Smaszcz she has treated the media in just the last few days. Earlier she called Maciej Kurzajewski “Pinocchio” and ordered him to apologize to his sons, which is motivated by numerous lies to his own family. The journalist does not comment on the case, but in a short commentary for “Super Express” he confessed that he can count on the support of his relatives, including his sons.

Every time we talk, and we talk very often, such a conversation ends with greetings not only to my sisters or grandmother, but also to Kasia. This is very nice and gentlemen, Frank and Julek, thank you very much for that too – He said.

This is one of the few cases when Kurzajewski mentions his family, because he has been protecting them from the media for years. The journalist’s relatives do not function in the media space and did not decide to comment on the statement of Maciek’s ex-wife. Until now.

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Kurzajewski’s sister straight to Smaszcz. She replied to an instagram post

Under one of the posts Maciej Kurzajewski there was a comment in which the Internet user suggested that the journalist should seek a court order prohibiting his ex-wife from speaking about him. He explains this by protecting the image and journalistic credibility that Paulina’s words threaten.


Mr. Maciej, I wanted you to be silent, and now I am begging you – to the court and a ban on speaking about you. I beg you, please end this telenovela in which you are a hero without your consent. You’re too good a journalist to be dragged through the mud and treated like a… the follower wrote.

Interestingly, this post prompted a response sister of Maciej Kurzajewskiwho spoke publicly for the first time about disputes between her brother and Paulina Smaszcz. She started quite sharply, because she described the statements of her former sister-in-law as a “festival of mythomania”.

Thank you very much for this comment. We are members of Maciek’s family, not involved in the media. I know my brother, with his pros and cons. This time is, as a human being, difficult. This festival of Paulina’s mythomania hits Maciek, children and our family. However, I believe that it is just being family unity that we will get through this – he writes directly.


She also thanked for the support and stressed that she did not intend to speak more on this matter. Moreover, she mysteriously assured that she and her loved ones “they know the truth about Paulina”but did not specify exactly what she meant.

Unlike the public opinion, we know the truth about Paulina. And out of respect for the mother of our nephews and grandchildren, we will not participate in this fight. But we thank you from the heart for every expression of support towards Maciek and us she finished.

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Only the court is able to stop this madness and silence Paulina, who got lost in this amok..

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That Firecracker must have got under their skin. They are not the only ones (mobbing at work). Dear Madam, we are bottom-up watching the pathetic media pranks of Mrs. Firecrackers and we ourselves are embarrassed. Not to mention you, who directly had the misfortune of dealing with this conflict person.

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