How much is the Polish national team worth. The value of players. Valuation of teams playing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar


The England national team can boast of the title of the “most valuable” team at this year’s World Cup. According to Transfermarkt, the total market value of English players called up to Qatar is €1.26 billion. Suffice it to say that only the team’s three most expensive players – Phil Foden, Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane – are valued at €300m.

The value of the national teams playing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

The second in the ranking is Brazil, whose World Cup team is worth EUR 1.14 billion. In her case, the total amount is distributed more evenly. The team’s most expensive player is Real Madrid striker Vinicius Junior. A club wanting to acquire him would have to spend up to 120 million euros.

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Compared to the previous World Cup held in 2018 in Russia, the value of the star and leader of the Brazilians – Neymar – has fallen more than twice. For the Paris Saint-Germain player today you would have to pay 75 million euros, while four years ago the popular “Ney” was worth 180 million euros.

As the third, the French crossed the billion euro mark with a result of 1.03 billion. The defending champions can boast of the most expensive player of the entire tournament in Qatar – PSG striker Kylian Mbappé is valued at 160 million euros.

How much is the Polish national team worth?

How do Poles fare against the background of the other 31 participants of the competition? According to Transfermarkt estimates our staff is worth EUR 255.60 million. The first place in the list of our most expensive staff is obviously Robert Lewandowski. The captain of the national team, one of the leaders of FC Barcelona, ​​is valued at 45 million euros. Napoli midfielder Piotr Zielinski is worth five million less, while English-born Aston Villa defender Matty Cash, naturalized last year, ranks third.



There are many surprises in the world ranking, for example the value of Moroccan footballers, which is slightly lower than the value of Poles. The EUR 251.1 million includes, among others: the amount that, according to Transfermarkt, the skills of Achraf Hakimi from PSG (€65 million), Noussair Mazraoui from Bayern Munich (€25 million) or Nayef Aguerd from West Ham United (€25 million) are worth.

The home team is worth the least. Qatar’s squad is valued at €14.90 million. Let’s mention that almost half of those selected for the World Cup were born outside the country they represent.


The values ​​published on Transfermarkt are based on different pricing models. The sums shown do not correspond to the exact transfer amounts paid for individual players.

Market value of the teams participating in the 2022 World Cup:

  • Netherlands €587.25 million
  • Senegal €288.00 million
  • Ecuador €146.50 million
  • Qatar €14.90 million

Group B

  • England €1.26 billion
  • US EUR 277.40 million
  • Iran €59.53 million
  • Wales €160.15 million

Group C

  • Argentina €633.20 million
  • Poland EUR 255.60 million
  • Saudi Arabia €25.20 million
  • Mexico €176.10 million

Group D

  • France €1.03 billion
  • Australia €38.40 million
  • Denmark €353.00 million
  • Tunisia €62.40 million

Group E

  • Germany EUR 885.50 million
  • Spain €902.00 million
  • Japan €154.00 million
  • Costa Rica €18.75 million

Group F

  • Belgium €563.20 million
  • Canada €187.30 million
  • Croatia €377.00 million
  • Morocco €251.10 million

Group G

  • Switzerland €281.00 million
  • Cameroon €155.00 million
  • Serbia €359.50 million
  • Brazil €1.14 billion

Group H

  • Portugal €937.00 million
  • Ghana €216.90 million
  • Uruguay €449.70 million
  • Korea €164.48 million

The competition for the World Cup will take place for the 22nd time. The title will be defended by the French. Brazil is the most successful with five wins, followed by Germany and Italy, which have won the World Cup four times each, with Italy missing the World Cup for the second time in a row.

32 teams divided into eight groups will start in Qatar. The rivals of the Poles in the first phase will be Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Argentina. In the case of advancing to the 1/8 finals, coach Czesław Michniewicz’s team will face one of the following: France, Denmark, Australia and Tunisia. The first match will be played on November 22 against Mexico.

The current format of the World Cup will be in effect for the last time. From 2026, there will be 48 participants.


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