Zusje MASAKROWANA by Lil Masti at the High League gala. The celebrity hit the Emergency Department with serious injuries (PHOTOS)


On Saturday in Gdańsk Ergo Arena took place 3rd High League gala, as part of which he presented his skills in the ring to a whole range of native celebrities. Organized by Malik Montana the party turned out to be a misfire, to put it mildly. Not only that, just before the match Mateusz “Don Diego” Kubisz and Denis “Bad Boy” Załęcki a group of hooligans stormed the stands and started a fight, the most awaited fight of the evening had to be canceled.

The decision of the gala’s authorities to end the event prematurely was met with the undisguised bitterness of the fans, who paid a lot of money to see the fighters clash. They expressed their frustration in a sea of ​​commentsthat literally flooded the High League Instagram profile in recent hours.

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After all, the most commented clash of the night was the performance Lil Masti and Zusje. Aniela Bogusz is a famous veteran of freak-fighters and can boast of the FAME MMA championship belt (which was taken away from her in an atmosphere of scandal). Kamila Smogulecka, in turn, is famous for the fact that she is not afraid of any challenge and fights till the end. The exceptional militancy of patocelebs combined with a weaker form led to the fact that The 26-year-old gave her opponent a sour apple.

This time, the organizers decided to slightly diversify the women’s fight, so it was decided to Burmese boxing. The popular lethwei is characterized by extreme brutality for the sake of small and very hard gloves. Moreover, head blows are allowed. During three rounds in the ring, “Sexmasterka” managed to beat her competitor’s face so much that when bloody and bruised Zusja was leaving the ring, her features were almost impossible to recognize. The injuries were so serious that Kamila was forced to go to SOR. On InstaStory fighterki there is a report of a celebrity driving around the hospital corridor on wheelchair.

What’s more, there is information on the network that Smogulecka had a broken bone of the eye socket, which would require surgery. We asked Zusja for a comment on this, but so far we have not received an answer.


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Is it terrible that people do such things to each other for money and that they are eager to watch such dubious entertainment? How is this different from watching the fights in the coloseum? Supposedly antiquity is so brutal, and it turns out that this bad side of man is always there, regardless of the times

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Of course, there was no money for private health care at such an event for the public SOR XD.

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True femininity, a monster not a woman. The series are guys who like these girls?

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To destroy such beauty with hyaluronic acid

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The times of the Games are back. There are more and more commoners – there must be a shout out somewhere.

This is not normal. In normal combat sports, no judge would allow a fight with a bloody face! It’s enough that your eyebrow is broken and the fight is over. These galas have nothing to do with sports. They are closer to killing them after the match on set-up.

You had to dig a bit more stupid, also to me “celebrities”. It is because of such g. It is getting worse on the streets. Stupidity stinks, I would refuse health care,

It should hit the sour in Wejherowo, and wait, like all of us, from 5-7 hours, if it hits a good day, when there are few people in the queue

Is this some kind of self-harm? I feel sorry for her, so beautiful and so young, I don’t understand

She screamed to her ex’s opponent to break his eye socket … karma came back quickly

And what, after all, the massacred chose such a sport.


Who is this Zusja? Does it have anything to do with ZUS?


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