The war in Ukraine. The “nuclear train” goes to the front


The material, which appeared on social media on Sunday, was filmed in an unspecified location in central Russia. The shot shows a string of railway cars loaded with military equipment. The entire assortment most likely goes in the direction of front in Ukraine.

One Twitter user stated that “at first glance, there is nothing special about this convoy.” However, the Internet user pointed out that the equipment in the column belongs to the unit responsible for nuclear munitions. These suspicions sparked speculation as to whether or not this was a sign of this preparations for the actual implementation of Putin’s nuclear threats.

Transport began to be called in the media “convoy of death” and “Putin’s elite nuclear units”.

The Polish military analyst Konrad Muzyka responded to the bothering users’ questions. In his Twitter post, he confirmed that “‘another train with equipment’ actually carries the kit belonging to 12. Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which is responsible for nuclear ammunition, its storage, maintenance, transport and distribution to other units “.

Although the first tweet does not cool the mood, the analyst in subsequent entries ensures that the video is published it does not have to mean preparation at all for a nuclear strike by Russia. Music notes that the disclosure of such material may be “a signal to the West”, that Moscow is seeking escalation.

Moreover, in the opinion of the expert, this is the time when the Russian Rocket Forces of Strategic Purpose (one of the two types of troops in Russia, controlling intercontinental missile systems – editor’s note) they intensify their exercises.

Finally, as Muzyka claims, Russia may move in October Strategic GROM deterrence exercises. This would mean that the train shown on the video shows preparations for such exercises.

In a special edition of the report, dedicated to Putin’s nuclear threats, the think tank emphasized that during his speech on Friday on the annexation of part of the territory of Ukraine, the Russian president made allusions to the possibility of a nuclear attack. These were suggestions similar to those he had made in his statements before.


According to the think tank, the annexation of Ukrainian territories and indirect nuclear threats are an attempt to force Kiev to negotiate. This action is aimed at both Ukraine and its Western partners. Putin “is likely to misjudge that nuclear balancing on the edge will make the United States and its allies pressure Ukraine to negotiate, US experts assessed.

The analytical center is unable to predict at what point Putin could turn to nuclear weapons, but be designated by him “red lines” have been several times already crossed, which did not trigger a nuclear attack, the report said.


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