The border with Belarus. Over 60 foreigners tried to get to Poland


As reported by SG on Twitter, among people who tried to get to Poland were, among others Congo citizens.

“A group of 13 tried to overcome the barrier, withdrew to Belarus” – SG reported.

SG also informs about A group of 14 foreigners who, with the support of Belarusian services, sailed on pontoons across the border Lake Szlam.

The video attached to the information shows pontoons, as well as backpacks and sleeping bags lying next to them.

In July and August, the Border Guard recorded after about 900 attempts to illegally cross the Polish border with Belarus. From the beginning of September, there were over 800 of them.

After the construction of the steel fence on the border with Belarus, work related to commissioning is still ongoing the so-called electronic barriersj. Its first kilometers are to be ready at the turn of September and October. Full launch of the complex system, incl. from the network of detectors and cameras, together with the Surveillance Center in Białystok, which will receive signals from devices at the border, is planned for November-December.

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From July 1, Podlaskie is banned from approaching the Polish-Belarusian border at a distance of less than 200 meters, issued by the voivode. The request for its introduction was made by the commander of the Podlasie Border Guard Unit. The ban applies to the entire voivodship, with the exception of the border sections running along rivers.


The ban, which originally lasted until September 15, was extended until the end of November. The decision is related to the ongoing works on the construction of electronic security.


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