EpiscopateNews – Twitter profile. Latest tweets from 09/23/2022

EpiscopateNews – Twitter profile. Latest tweets from 09/23/2022
EpiscopateNews – Twitter profile. Latest tweets from 09/23/2022

“On 09/23/2022, a tweet appeared on the EpiscopateNews profile:” “Photos from the press conference organized by @agencja_KAI before 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees are available on our flickr :.” “.

The Episcopate regularly shares information on Twitter. On the EpiscopateNews profile you can find even a few tweets during the day. They concern all matters that may be of interest to the faithful. What are the latest Episcopal entries on Twitter?

Episcopate News on Twitter

Photos from the press conference organized by @agencja_KAI before the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees are available on our flickr : https://t.co/K8svYeWnz1 https://t.co/cQOasBPiMi

Kordian Urlich and his family took refugees from Mikołajów to his home. – We treat them like family – he emphasized during the announcement meeting of the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees – on Sunday, September 25.

https://t.co/8AteXdkeid https://t.co/P7eJAtomYa

Behnam Rahbarifard is a refugee from Iran. He has been living in Poland for 8 years. He is now supporting those who find themselves in the same situation as he once was. She emphasizes that the most important thing is contact with people and their spiritual and psychological support.

https://t.co/Vnh8f5bJHP https://t.co/rnVmUk4ua6

I am grateful to the Poles for their help, says Lidia, who came from Ukraine right after the war started. She found a house in the convent of the Fathers of the Sacred Heart in Lublin. Currently, she works at the Volunteer Center, where she runs a clubhouse for children from Ukraina .

https://t.co/BmCSboO4h2 https://t.co/lFBJCdxtgO

Fr. Mieczysław Puzewicz helps refugees and migrants as well as those excluded in @ArchLubelska. He emphasized the importance of a friendly approach to people in need of help. https://t.co/76zjTEMTtD

Fr. Marcin Iżycki. Help is provided all the time, among others in aid centers for migrants and refugees and through the PaczkaDlaUkrainy or RodzinaRodzinie programs. https://t.co/b3Lc7UkHhQ

Bishop Krzysztof Zadarko @KZadarko: I want to thank everyone without exception, incl. local governments, parishes, retreat houses for welcoming and helping refugees. This is what God’s Kingdom is happening. https://t.co/58WQVj0DsM

A press conference has started ahead of the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees. – If we are talking about the future, it cannot be implemented without integration – emphasized Bishop Krzysztof Zadarko @KZadarko. https://t.co/aA4jHlA7xB

We want to focus on the dialogue that is needed in marriage and family. We see many problems that affect not only the spouses themselves, but also the parent-child relationship – says Bishop Wiesław Śmigiel, chairman of the KEP Council for Family Affairs. https://t.co/IKiixIeAWT

RT @Lichen_INFO: The consecrated person’s identity is holiness – Bishop. Jacek Kiciński to the participants of the 4th Congress of Young Consecrated Persons. …


The 4th Congress of Young Consecrated Persons is taking place in Licheń. Over 600 people from 84 congregations and 14 secular institutes and associations of apostolic life operating in Poland participate in the Congress.

https://t.co/YbiasAAX09 https://t.co/AImOe2hjK8

Caritas @diecezja_zamosc donated for Ukraine an ambulance purchased thanks to the funds raised by the Polish Catholic Community in Antwerp. The ambulance was loaded to the brim with medicaments, emergency medical kits, food and clothing.
https://t.co/4I11hYllhH https://t.co/eWLNnFU176

At. At 12.00 a press conference will begin before the 108th Migrant and Refugee Day on Sunday. Participants will be: Bishop Krzysztof Zadarko @KZadarko, Fr. Marcin Iżycki @CaritasPolska and refugees from Ukraine and Iran.

Transmission : https://t.co/g1msjU7Mte @agencja_KAI https://t.co/avLsrW4mwQ

RT @JasnaGoraNews: COMMUNITY FAMILY ROOM is the slogan of the 38th National Pilgrimage of Marriages and Families at # JasnaGóra. It will start in …

RT @Abp_Gadecki: On Saturday, September 24 at noon, on the occasion of the 150th death anniversary of Bl. Edmund Bojanowski and on the 50th anniversary of Polish prayer …

RT @niedziela_pl: Blessed Fr. Józef Stanek – the chaplain of the insurgents in Czerniaków, murdered by the Nazis on September 23, elevated to the altar …

RT @sdmgrzegorz: The meaning of the question posed to the disciples in today’s Gospel reveals that the mission of Jesus cannot be only a religious part and …

RT @rzecznikKEPpl: God, You Saint. Pio, the presbyter, you have given a special grace to participate in the cross of your Son and you have shown …

RT @Abp_Jozef: Friday is a day of penance for a Christian. He gives up playing and does not eat meat. It also …

RT @bpmsolarczyk: Every day we answer the question of JESUS ​​CHRIST: “And who do you think I am?” (Luke 9:20). Imitate trust and …


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