Bicycle routes up to 8 km from Lublin. We suggest ideas for an expedition. Where on the weekend of September 24 – 25?


Are you looking for an idea for a bicycle trip from Lublin? We advise where to go. We have 5 interesting suggestions. They are different in terms of difficulty or length, so everyone will find something for themselves. Together with Traseo, we offer you 5 routes for a bicycle trip within 8 km from Lublin. We choose a different set every week. See what bicycle routes we have prepared in the vicinity of Lublin for the weekend.

Bicycle paths in the vicinity of Lublin

In cooperation with Traseo, we have prepared 5 bicycle routes for you, up to 8 km from Lublin, which have been tried by other cyclists. Choose the best one for you.

Before you set off, check the weather forecast.

  • Difficulty level: 1.0
  • Distance: 36.42 km
  • Duration of the trip: 2 hours and 17 min.
  • Elevation: 56 m
  • The sum of uphills: 208 m
  • Descents: 208 m

Mriswith recommends the route to cyclists from Lublin

A trip leading the border of the city of Lublin and the commune of Głusk and the Zemborzycki Reservoir. Variant using a fragment of the yellow bicycle trail leading through the Dąbrowa Forest.


  • Difficulty level: 1.0
  • Distance: 55.84 km
  • Duration of the trip: 3 hours and 29 min.
  • Elevation: 192 m
  • The sum of uphills: 1 671 m
  • Descents: 1,646 m

Rybban recommends the route to the inhabitants of Lublin

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