PiS MP outraged by the “attack” on TVP. “Tusk is not above the law”


Krzysztof Szczucki was asked whether, as a PiS politician, he is calm about state institutions and their composition when PiS will have to give up power.

PiS will defend TVP

There will probably be various attempts to attack state institutions. They will be made, but we will oppose each such attempt and explain why they are illegal and why changes cannot be made in a non-statutory or non-procedural way – says the PiS MP in an interview with Business Insider Polska.

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When asked to defend TVP, the politician said that “there are no grounds to change the composition of the National Media Council”

– Any attempt to change this matter beyond the law will be deeply unlawful and illegal and should not have any legal effects – says Krzysztof Szczucki in an interview with the business website.

And adds: “Donald Tusk is not above the law, must function in accordance with it. If he wants change, it will be through democratic methods.

A new TV president for Christmas?


There are two possible scenarios regarding changes in the National Media Council on the table of politicians of the future government coalition: conciliatory and nuclear. This is according to information obtained by “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.


The soft option is an attempt to amend the Act on the National Media Council (RMN is responsible for appointing management and supervisory boards of Polish Television, Polish Radio and the Polish Press Agency). This idea, however, has little chance of success, because President Duda will veto any solutions that deprive PiS of influence over the media – we read in the daily.


An alternative is the “hard-boiled” option. In such a case, the parliamentary majority will, by way of Sejm resolutions, expire the mandate of the three current members of the Council of Ministers and elect new ones in their place. The Sejm resolution cannot be appealed against. The president won’t be able to do anything either.


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