TVP threatens with an “attack on the Polish media”. Appeals to viewers

TVP threatens with an “attack on the Polish media”. Appeals to viewers
TVP threatens with an “attack on the Polish media”. Appeals to viewers

TVP realizes that their time in public media may soon end. Hence, for several weeks now, Polish Television has been scaring viewers with an alleged attack on “freedom of speech”. It would be committed by the new government led by Donald Tusk. Subsequent programs feature laurels given to TVP by individual viewers. For the last eight years, TVP has served as a propaganda mouthpiece for the United Right camp.

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TVP employees threaten viewers with an attack on “freedom of speech”

On Monday’s edition of the “Info Dnia” program, propaganda material was broadcast, from which viewers learned what the politicians of the future majority will allegedly do with the state media after taking power. The inscription “Tusk’s coalition is planning an attack on the Polish media” and information on how to protest against it appeared on the strip.

— PO politicians announced that the TVP Info program would be closed. It is not known what fate will await the Polish Radio stations and TVP local branches – said Monika Majewska in the announcement. A similar message also applies to regional TVP branches.

Hysteria on TVP. They show investments from recent years

From Dominik Cierpioł, the author of the publication, viewers learned about the investments that TVP has made in recent years. The station’s employee threatened viewers that the development that has been taking place recently in public media will allegedly be stopped by the new government.

Cierpioł emphasized that the future majority wants to close TVP Info, citing Rafał Trzaskowski’s words from the presidential campaign, in which he told the station’s employees to “hurry up to ask questions, because there are only a few weeks left.”


It was also noted that without TVP Info, Poland would be at risk of disinformation, and the station’s employees were the only ones who were to reveal matters affecting Donald Tusk’s government. The series “Reset” was given as an example of such action – the truths and lies conveyed in this series were discussed, among others, by: Witold Jurasz.


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