Patryk Jaki’s father fired from the Opole waterworks. We know the details

Patryk Jaki’s father fired from the Opole waterworks. We know the details
Patryk Jaki’s father fired from the Opole waterworks. We know the details

Ireneusz Jaki, privately the father of Patryk Jaki, an MEP from the PiS list, has lost his position as president of WiK Opole – the president of Opole, Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, announced on social media on Monday. “Even the Polish Development Fund stopped defending it,” noted a local government official.

It turns out that the president’s dismissal may have been related to the inspection of the National Labor Inspectorate, the results of which were published on the website X (formerly Twitter) by the president of Opole.

In the document, PiP reminds that “in accordance with applicable labor law provisions, employees should be treated equally”, including: regardless of gender. During the inspection, the inspection showed that the employer had violated these regulations. From January 2015 to April 2022, 19 employees exercised maternity rights. 11 of them had to change their position, some women even several times.

Although, as PiP emphasizes, “the change in positions took place by agreement between the parties,” the interviewed witnesses indicate that “these agreements were signed under pressure from the employer.”

Moreover, the inspection also showed that the employer changed the place of work “in a way that discriminated against employees.” A specific case of transferring an employee to a sewage treatment plant in Kosorowice was described. According to witnesses, the employee already had pension rights, but did not intend to retire. She was transferred “despite the knowledge that she does not have a driving license” and “access to the sewage treatment plant in Kosorowice by public transport is very difficult.”

Moreover, as we read in the post-inspection document, “witnesses indicated that President Jaki and Vice-President Filipowski were to forbid transport [kobiety – red.] to Kosorowice by other employees of the Company. As a result, the employee retired.

He allegedly committed mobbing and discrimination. He has been canceled before

Ireneusz Jaki, the head of the Opole municipal waterworks and sewage company, allegedly committed activities that amounted to mobbing and discrimination against women – according to the report of an external commission investigating reports on this matter from August 2022.

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The president was first suspended from the position of president of the Water and Sewerage Authority in May last year. The reasons for this decision included the failure to introduce anti-mobbing procedures in the company and the obstruction of actions following reports of mobbing cases.

Ireneusz Jaki allegedly publicly made negative comments about employees getting pregnant. The company’s president claims that “such an employee is not entirely valuable, not fully useful for work” – quotes the findings of the report by “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

On November 7, 2022, the Supervisory Board dismissed Jaki from the position of president of WiK, accusing him of, among other things, lack of cooperation. The main stakeholder did not agree with the decision and reminded that one of the shareholders was the Polish Development Fund.

According to the company’s agreement, changes in the management board are not possible without the consent of the PFR representative, and from the very beginning of the conflict he was against further attempts to dismiss and suspend Jaki as president. Therefore, Ireneusz Jaki remained in office.

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