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D. Wieczorek: The Left Club has three chairmen…

D. Wieczorek: The Left Club has three chairmen…
D. Wieczorek: The Left Club has three chairmen…

According to the arrangements, the Left Club is entitled to three chairmen of permanent parliamentary committees: the social policy committee, the sports committee and the national minorities committee – said the secretary of the Left Club, Dariusz Wieczorek, on Tuesday.

“The committees and recommendations for the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the committees have been established. We are now preparing a letter to the Speaker (of the Sejm, Szymon) Hołownia to indicate these candidates. According to the coalition agreement, the Left club has three chairmen of permanent parliamentary committees. We will recommend MPs for these functions. ” – club secretary Dariusz Wieczorek told journalists on Tuesday in the Sejm after the meeting of the Left club.

“These are the following committees: the social affairs committee – here we will recommend MP Katarzyna Kotula, the sports committee – where we will recommend MP Tadeusz Tomaszewski and the national minorities committee – Wanda Nowicka,” he said.

The MP was asked about the division of the positions of chairmen of parliamentary committees between clubs, including what chance there is for PiS to have chairmen in 12 committees, which is what he demands. “There is no chance of that,” Wieczorek replied.

“This is due to a simple fact. For the first time, we are dealing with a situation where the quantitatively largest club in the Polish parliament is not the ruling or co-governing club. Therefore, the committees must reflect the composition of the ruling coalition, the majority coalition, because it is difficult to imagine chairmen from the opposition who will manage, for example, the finance committee, because we would never adopt a budget, because it must be noted that the chairman of the committee has enormous powers: he convenes the committees, he sets the agenda. So, purely theoretically, you can imagine that he will not care about cooperation with the government at all,” explained the secretary of the Left club.


“There is no need to be offended here. They lost the elections, they do not have a majority in the Sejm, therefore they automatically have fewer committees,” he pointed out.

He recalled that in the previous term of office of the Left Parliament, the Sejm had a social affairs committee. “They dismissed Mrs. Magda Biejat within two weeks. They didn’t care about any quotas at all. They were probably entitled to 14 commissions, and they had 18. Therefore, it is the majority that decides,” added Wieczorek.

On Monday, Secretary General of the Civic Platform, Marcin Kierwiński, announced that talks between the clubs regarding the division of the chairmen of parliamentary committees had ended. The head of the KO club, Borys Budka, announced that PiS can count on the heads of 6-7 committees. PiS MPs want to have 12 chairmen. (PAP)

Authors: Danuta Starzyńska-Rosiecka, Daria Kania

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