Unique sky over Poland. It was still mentioned in the Bible


Last Sunday, November 19, the sky over the southern part of Poland turned fiery. The red sunrise was immortalized in many photos that quickly spread around the Internet. An interesting fact is that this phenomenon has already been written about in a fragment of the Bible. We explain what it is.

“Beautiful photos”, “wonderful views”, “fairy-tale” – there is no shortage of similar expressions in the entries of the Lubusz Storm Hunters on Facebook, who share photos of the extraordinary sunrise from last weekend. Red sky has been observed in the Beskids in recent dayshowever – as we read on the wBieszczady.pl website, this is not the only place where you can admire this type of spectacle in the sky.

Red sunrise

Although the name of the mentioned phenomenon also indicates the color of the sky, it is not always blood red. Often the horizon takes on shades of pink or orange. The latter make the colors in the sky seem to be the result of a fire taking place in the distance. However, the explanation for the red sunrise is much simpler.

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The red sky is known to many cultures around the world, as evidenced by, among others, book “Ocean Practice” by Krzysztof Baranowski, sailor and sailing teacher.

When the red sun rises, fear arises in the sailor
But when it is red at sunset, the sailor knows about the weather.

Krzysztof Baranowski“Ocean Practice”

This is a translation of an English proverb that refers to the red visible in the sky during sunrise or sunset. It is worth noting, however, that the roots of these words lie in very distant times, because the red sky was also written about in the Bible. Its fragment (Mt 16,2-3) reads: “In the evening you say: “The weather will be beautiful because the sky is red,” and in the morning: “Today there is a storm because the sky is red.”


The red sky is generally the result of the presence of a high pressure, which is responsible for the arrival of nice weather. Red tints visible in the sky at sunset indicate that a high pressure is approaching the area and the weather will improve. However, if a red sky is observed at sunrise, the high pressure is leaving the area and a deterioration of atmospheric conditions is expected.

The red sky – especially in the last months of the year – should not surprise with its presence. This is due to the angle of the Earth’s tilt, which keeps the Sun very low above the horizon. This means that the rays reaching the Earth have to travel a longer distance, while the blue light is scattered, resulting in red waves appearing in the sky. Dust in the atmosphere (combining with moisture) creates a layer called high pressure – it blocks most of the colors of light and only red waves pass through it.

Norbert Garbarek, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

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