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There will be another part of Jason Bourne’s adventures

There will be another part of Jason Bourne’s adventures
There will be another part of Jason Bourne’s adventures

According to Deadline, the Universal studio is currently in talks with director Edward Berger, who would make another film about the adventures of secret agent Jason Bourne. If both parties reach an agreement, an interesting production can be expected. Berger became known as the creator of the Oscar-winning film “No Change in the West”.

So far, there have been four films starring Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, and one set in the same world, with Jeremy Renner as Agent Aaron Cross. “The Bourne Identity,” “The Bourne Supremacy,” “The Bourne Ultimatum,” “The Bourne Legacy” and “Jason Bourne” have collectively grossed over $600 million in theaters worldwide. A new film in this universe is now in early development. Fans of the series hope that after contracting Edward Berger, work on this production will gain momentum.

The character of Jason Bourne first appeared in Robert Ludlum’s novel titled “The Bourne Identity”. The main character of the book, suffering from almost complete amnesia, begins a private investigation into his past. Before Matt Damon played Bourne, there was a television miniseries based on Ludlum’s first book. In it, the role of Bourne was played by Richard Chamberlain (“Shogun”).

The sources cited by “Deadline” argue that the possible cinema premiere of the next Bourne film is still very far away. There is no screenwriter associated with the project, therefore there is no script for such a production yet. Therefore, it is not known whether the studio plans to continue the franchise or maybe start it anew with a new cast. We are talking about both films with Damon and “The Bourne Legacy” with Renner.

Edward Berger gained fame thanks to the film adaptation of the novel “No Changes in the West”, which won as many as four statuettes, including the one for the best foreign film of the year. After this success, the director made another film. This is the upcoming thriller “Conclave”, which will take place during the titular conclave and concern the election of a new pope. It stars Stanley Tucci, Ralph Fiennes, Isabella Rossellini, John Lithgow and Jacek Koman. (PAP Life)


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