Mateusz Morawiecki forms the government. More women and new faces

Mateusz Morawiecki forms the government. More women and new faces
Mateusz Morawiecki forms the government. More women and new faces

PiS is determined to present a government, an exposé and a motion for a vote of confidence despite being aware that it does not have the appropriate majority in parliament to make this mission a success. – The president believes that this is an investment in the future – one of the PiS politicians tells us.

The constitutional deadline expires on Monday. Then Mateusz Morawiecki must present the composition of his government to the president. Then he has another 14 daysbefore submitting a motion to the Sejm for a vote of confidence. PiS wants to make the most of this time. As Interia found out, the new government plans to submit at least several new, programmatic bills to the Sejm.

Morawiecki’s new government. “Long-term plan”

PiS politicians are reluctant to talk about how the new government is being formed and at what stage it is at. Most of our interlocutors are aware that this entire procedure is purely political theater. However, there are fundamental differences within the party in assessing whether this theater is needed.

The party leadership, led by Jarosław Kaczyński, has been insisting from the very beginning that this is the case. – This is a long-term, strategic plan. We will present our action plan, the program that will be a great remorse for the future coalition and our basis for accounting for their actions – reveals one of our interlocutors.

Politicians who believe in the sense of this plan also emphasize that they must show their voters and anchor in their memory the fact that PiS won the elections. – This information is somehow missed by everyone. Donald Tusk calls himself the winner, his politicians and the media repeat the message of defeat, we must distance ourselves from it because it is not true – argues one of the PiS MPs.

Morawiecki himself also talked about it in an interview for “Fakt”. “I represent the political camp that got the second best result in the history of the Third Polish Republic, and the first result also belongs to Law and Justice. If I did not undertake this mission, it would mean desertion from responsibility, and I do not have the nature of a deserter. If I gave up, it would be it is unfair to the voters of Law and Justice,” said the Prime Minister.

Tempting (and scaring) the Third Way

Mateusz Morawiecki’s exposé is intended to outline the fundamental axis of division around which PiS will build its opposition identity. Opposition to the federalization of the European Union and treaty issues, but also socio-economic issues, will be a strong emphasis. It is for this purpose that the “Decalogue of Polish Affairs” and the “Coalition of Polish Affairs” have been promoted for several days, to which Mateusz Morawiecki invites politicians of all parties.

In fact, however, this offer is addressed primarily to PSL and Trzecia Droga. – Today, the People’s Party will not enter into any coalition with us because they have one word with Tusk, but we don’t know what will happen in the future. They will have the most to lose if they have to support Tusk’s next decisions, which will go against their demands – one of the politicians tells us.

“I think that the Third Way will soon notice that its role is only to play in Mr. Tusk’s orchestra. And I don’t think that the voters of the Third Way will be satisfied with this. They did not vote for the Platform, but for the Third Way,” he said in “Fakt ” Morawiecki himself.

Morawiecki’s new government, exposé and motion for a vote of confidence

However, there are many politicians in PiS who do not hide their resignation, and when asked about Morawiecki’s new government, exposé and the names of new ministers – they only wave their hands.

– I don’t know why we need all this. If we wanted to extend this time before we give up power, let the Prime Minister appoint the government in the same shape as it is now, but at the end come out and say that he will not put the motion for a vote of confidence to a vote. It will be different a spectacular disaster – predicts one of the important PiS politicians.


According to our information, such a scenario was considered by the PiS leadership. For today, however, the political decision is that Mateusz Morawiecki will deliver an exposé and submit a motion for a vote of confidence in his government to the Sejm.

Composition of the new PiS government. More women and new faces

Who will be in Morawiecki’s “transitional” government? The Prime Minister announced that there will be surprises – that it will not be exactly the same composition of the government that was in power before October 15.

According to Interia’s information, more than half of the government will be replaced, there will be more women and people from outside active politics. The government itself is also to be smaller. However, no one wants to talk about specific names yet.

Our interlocutors claim that the composition of this government and the latest program proposals submitted by Morawiecki are based on drawing conclusions from the campaign. One of such proposals is a parental voucher, which would help families struggling with reproductive problems and also include the in vitro procedure.

In vitro and turning towards the center. New PiS plan

The parenting voucher itself, including in vitro fertilization, is not a new idea. It appeared on the table during the election campaign and, as we have established, this proposal had already received the green light from Jarosław Kaczyński. – Maybe it was a mistake that this idea didn’t take off during the campaign, but I guess there wasn’t an opportunity. We waited to see if the other side would come up with the topic of in vitro, then we would show our parental voucher – wonders one of the politicians who was on the PiS staff.

The words and proposals addressed to Third Way politicians and voters seem to be a change in the PiS strategy turn towards the center. In these actions, as we hear in PiS, there is no coincidence.

– We will now play on several pianos, i.e. do what we did not do in the campaign. Everything is coordinated and thought out. The president will defend “sovereignist” positions and harden his stance to unite the party. At this time, the Prime Minister can reach out to the center and submit specific program proposals aimed at the more moderate electorate. The campaign has shown that just being stuck to the right wall does not and will not give us victory, so we need to adjust our strategy – we hear from one of the important PiS MPs.

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