Scattered scooters spoil the aesthetics. The councilor wants parking lots

Scattered scooters spoil the aesthetics. The councilor wants parking lots
Scattered scooters spoil the aesthetics. The councilor wants parking lots

In this city, Tier made 100 two-wheelers available. To ride them, you need to download an application for Android or iOS. Then you need to find the e-scooter on the map or on the street and unlock it by scanning the QR code on it. A minute of driving costs 69 groszy, and the unlocking fee is PLN 3.

Residents liked this method of transport. But according to councilor Sebastian Ignaciuk (Together Above Divisions), one issue should be sorted out. Specifically, designate permanent parking zones for scooters. – Currently, we can observe scattered scooters in the city in places where they create dangerous situations. Moreover, it negatively affects the aesthetics of the city, argues Ignaciuk. Gives examples: – They lie on bicycle paths or on narrow sidewalks. Residents also complain about this problem – admits the councilor. In his opinion, it is time for young people to use this means of transport in a more “civilized” way. – A scooter gives you freedom, but it has its limits – he says.

In his opinion, officials should designate permanent zones. – It is also worth seeking the opinion of residents and the police – says Ignaciuk and reminds that similar solutions are available in Lublin and Zakopane.

In the capital of the voivodeship, most of such parking lots are located in the immediate vicinity of public transport stops. These places are marked on the sidewalks in the form of a painted area with a pictogram.

For now, Łuków officials have asked Tier to take a position on this matter. – We want to find out, among other things, whether the company is interested in continuing to provide services next year and whether it is aware that scooters are sometimes parked incorrectly.– explains Tomasz Goławski, head of the promotion department.

– We need to discuss all aspects, including technological and legal ones, of the possible establishment of parking zones for scooters – emphasizes Goławski.


In accordance with applicable regulations, A bicycle path or a lane for cyclists is used primarily for riding a scooter. If they are not there, you are allowed to travel on the street as long as the speed limit in the area is 30 km/h.

Last year, electric scooters also appeared in Biała Podlaska and Chełm. In the first city, 80 two-wheelers were donated by the operator Blinkee City, and in the second city, 200 were provided by Lime.

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