Millionaires in Pomerania are doing great. Where in the province? Pomerania has the most millionaires?

Millionaires in Pomerania are doing great. Where in the province? Pomerania has the most millionaires?
Millionaires in Pomerania are doing great. Where in the province? Pomerania has the most millionaires?

The list of the richest people always arouses great interest, and stories about millionaires revolve around them like legends. Many people dream of having such a large bank account, but unfortunately not everyone knows how to achieve it. The history of the business world has been full of changes and challenges, and not every year has been kind to entrepreneurs. We checked how many millionaires there are in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. How do individual counties in Pomerania fare in the ranking? What can you earn?

There are legends about the richest people. Residents wonder in what industry you can earn so much and effectively start a profitable business. As it turns out, the most popular industries in Pomerania that earn a lot of money are: construction, industry, transport. In the province There is no shortage of people in Pomerania who have a knack for business. One thing is for sure. Most millionaires are entrepreneurs.

The better off the richest are, the better off the inhabitants are. It’s hard to earn millions alonewhich is why entrepreneurs employ many employees, and tax revenues from these people constitute a large amount financial injection for the state budget and local government budgets.

There are certain characteristics that make some people successful.

– These are determination, persistence, a clear goal and a bit of luck – he says psychologist Dr. Aleksandra Sarna. – It is worth remembering that it is, above all, hard work. Many people envy money and overestimate the contribution of happiness. I would say that this success requires only one percent of luck, and the rest is just drudgery.

If we want to raise a millionaire, we have to start from an early age.

– It is worth teaching children consistency, persistence and responsibility for the results of work – adds Aleksandra Sarna. – Currently, there is a trend among many parents to sign their children up for all possible classes, and when failure comes, we try to sweeten it and console it. I believe this can be harmful in adult life. Meanwhile, you need to accept failure and teach children to draw conclusions from it and not make the same mistakes.

It is worth adding that the rich in Pomerania are also doing well in… advertising, consulting and legal services, construction, wholesale, financial services, as well as furniture production.

In 2022, 32,803 tax returns were submitted to the Tax Office in Kościerzyna County, including 30,338 electronically. 13,642 returns showed 1.5% of tax due to Public Benefit Organizations (OPP). The total amount presented in the statements was PLN 1,175,731.70 for the OPP. Most often, taxpayers reported public benefit organizations that care for sick children and the elderly.

Although the Kościerzyna district is small, there is no shortage of millionaires here. In 2022, there were over 60 of them, of which 22 people conduct trade, 18 people conduct transport, and 22 people provide services.

  • Tax Office in Gdańsk – 563
  • Tax Office in Gdynia – 316
  • Tax Office in Wejherowo – 197
  • Tax Office in Kartuzy – 165
  • Tax Office in Pruszcz Gdański – 141
  • Tax Office in Słupsk – 139
  • Tax Office in Starogard Gdański – 99
  • Tax Office in Chojnice – 91
  • Tax Office in Sopot – 89
  • Tax Office in Puck – 89
  • Tax Office in Bytów – 76
  • Tax Office in Tczew – 75
  • Tax Office in Malbork – 67
  • Tax Office in Kościerzyna – 63
  • Tax Office in Lębork – 58
  • Tax Office in Kwidzyn – 41
  • Tax Office in Człuchów – 36

Becoming a millionaire in Poland is a challenge that requires a combination of several key factors. Choosing the right career path with financial potential is crucial. Industries such as IT, finance, entrepreneurship and real estate offer the opportunity to achieve high income. The key element is investing in the development of your skills and acquiring knowledge related to the chosen field. Continuous improvement and staying up to date with market trends is the key to success.

Saving and investing wisely are key to building capital. Creating healthy financial habits, regular saving and conscious investments allow you to increase your chances of financial success.

Considering your own business is the next step. Finding market niches, providing value to customers and growing your own business can be the way to go achieving financial independence. Innovation and problem-solving ability are also important. Searching for innovative solutions, new business ideas or providing value on the market can open the door to success.

Building lasting business relationships is crucial. Partnerships and collaborations with other entrepreneurs can benefit you in the long run. Mental resilience in the face of difficulties and failures is important. Taking risks, managing stress and learning from mistakes are often integral parts of the path to success.

It is also worth being aware of the risks and managing them responsibly. Careful decisions and taking action, while maintaining healthy moderation, are the key to long-term financial success.

  • Becoming a millionaire usually involves a combination of many character traits, skills and attitudes.
  • Financial discipline: The ability to control and manage finances, save and invest.
  • Entrepreneurship: Readiness to take risks, initiative in running your own business or investing.
  • Curiosity: Willingness to constantly learn, follow market trends and acquire knowledge in various fields.
  • Mental Toughness: Ability to cope with failures, flexibility to adapt to changes and difficulties.
  • Motivate: Strong motivation to achieve financial and personal goals, ability to work with a long-term perspective.
  • Time management proficiency: Effective planning and use of time, focusing on priorities.
  • Relationship building skills: Well-developed interpersonal skills, ability to build lasting business and partnership relationships.
  • Responsibility: Awareness and responsibility for one’s own decisions, finances and consequences of actions.
  • Innovation: The ability to think creatively, find innovative solutions and look for new opportunities.
  • Self-discipline: Internal discipline, the ability to maintain consistency in action, even in the face of difficulties.

It is worth noting, however, that the path to becoming a millionaire may be different for everyone, and financial success often depends on many factors, including luck, life circumstances and environment.

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