What is the financial condition of Podlaskie local governments?

What is the financial condition of Podlaskie local governments?
What is the financial condition of Podlaskie local governments?

Wysokie Mazowieckie among the district cities, Czyżew among the towns and the rural commune of Suwałki are the municipal governments in Podlasie in the best financial condition.
According to the latest ranking of the ‘Wspólnota’ magazine, the operating surplus in each of these local governments exceeds PLN 1,000. zloty. for every resident.

The operating surplus is the difference between current revenues and local government expenses, i.e. money that could potentially be spent, for example, on investments.
The authors of the ranking also deducted the total debt repayments of local governments and divided this net amount by the number of inhabitants.

The table for the Podlaskie Voivodeship shows that Wysokie Mazowieckie has the largest such financial reserves among district cities, with a result of over PLN 1,000. PLN per inhabitant, which is important because only six cities of this type in Poland can boast of this. The second one in Podlasie, Augustów, has almost PLN 750, and the third one, Zambrów, has almost PLN 540 per capita.

The towns in the best financial condition calculated in this way include Czyżew, Nowogród and Rajgród, and among the rural communes: Suwałki, Narewka and Zambrów. In each of these local governments, the budget surplus exceeds PLN 1,000. zloty. per each inhabitant.

Among the district governments, the Sejny, Kolno and Wysokie Mazowiecki districts are in the best situation. All of them were in the top twenty of the nationwide ranking, but in this category the surplus amounts are much smaller.


The most difficult – as this ranking shows – is the financial situation of Puńsk. It was among 28 Polish rural communes in which a deficit of such a surplus was found.
To balance current expenses with income, each resident of this commune would have to pay extra – as calculated – PLN 448.12.

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