Who will be the ombudsman for children’s rights. The coalition chooses a candidate

Who will be the ombudsman for children’s rights. The coalition chooses a candidate
Who will be the ombudsman for children’s rights. The coalition chooses a candidate

“I am available if the parliamentary majority decides it is a good idea. I feel honored by the votes of important representatives of circles who believe that I should run for office,” says WP Ciesiołkiewicz.

“Wyborcza”: Ciesiołkiewicz is a psychologist, political scientist, and manager. President of the Orange Foundation, chairman of the Social Dialogue Committee of the National Chamber of Commerce, creator and organizer of actions and initiatives for children and youth, winner of the Janusz Korczak Award for supporting the rights of children and youth, chairman of the board of the Dorastaj z Nami foundation, which provides psychological, social and legal assistance to children. In 2005-06 he was the press spokesman for the government of Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz.

“We support the candidacy of Dr. Ciesiołkiewicz, because he presented an active program of cooperation with non-governmental organizations. And this will be crucial in this term, because there is so much to do,” comments Dr. Iga Kazimierczyk from the Space for Education foundation.

He emphasizes that he is supported by 25 non-governmental organizations (including the Free Courts Initiative, the Center for Civic Education, the Space for Education foundation, the Protest z Exclamation Initiative) and people awarded and distinguished in the Teacher of the Year competition.

But he is also supported by Dr. Hab. Jacek Pyżalski, professor at the University of Adama Mickiewicz in Poznań, Agata Dawidowska – spokesman for students’ rights in Poznań, Damian Jaworek – spokesman for students’ rights in Warsaw, and Agnieszka Jankowiak-Maik, Babka od Histy.


This is a strong social mandate. Dr. Ciesiołkiewicz declares that he will defend the same values ​​that are close to us: the rights of students and the subjectivity of young people.

Readiness is also confirmed by prof. Konopczyński. “A number of children and youth organizations, Korczak Committees and over 50 Ladies and Knights of the Order of the Smile support me and that is a fact. I am ready to take on the mission because I believe that the office of the Ombudsman for Children requires renewal and action for the rights of all children. I think that my competences and experience would guarantee the restoration of the authority of this office. If only fate gives me such an opportunity, I am ready,” he tells Wirtualna Polska.

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