A free Ukraine is a safe Poland

A free Ukraine is a safe Poland
A free Ukraine is a safe Poland

— People die every day. Civilians, children, the elderly, soldiers, doctors, paramedics, chaplains… Due to the Kremlin’s crazy decision, the innocent suffering of the Ukrainian people continues. Reports from beyond the eastern border do not fill us with optimism, especially in the context of the upcoming winter. Attacks on energy infrastructure will certainly be repeated, because Russia, unfortunately, wants to break the Ukrainian nation. We believe that with our constant help, they will survive, win and regain freedom and peace – emphasize the organizers of the 16th Winter Humanitarian Convoy to Ukraine, which will set off with help to Poltava, Kharkov and Bakhmut.
That’s why we need the support of each of us. Donations can be delivered to the OKH warehouse at 4 Cicha Street in Olsztyn.
— The situation in Ukraine, in the frontline areas, looks bad due to uncertainty, unemployment, approaching winter, constant shelling – says Pastor Adam Giska, the originator of the Olsztyn convoy. — Ukraine constantly needs our support; This gives Ukrainians a sense of strength, care and unity in the cause, and is a great encouragement for them to continue fighting for the freedom of their country. And a free Ukraine is a safe Poland.
Volunteers from Olsztyn, thanks to experience, mutual trust and relationships, know how to best help, where to reach, and are sure that our help goes exactly where it is needed most!
— The world’s attention is now focused on Israel, which suffered a brutal attack, which certainly plays into Russia’s hands to boldly commit further massacres of civilians in Ukraine. We cannot stop helping, even though the war on our eastern border is trying to “tame” us with itself, to say: I was, I am and I will be… We believe that united, we will overcome the shameful plans of the Kremlin, that the war will soon end, and with the success of a free Ukraine – emphasizes the crew of the convoy that will leave Warmia and Mazury on November 10.
The previous one, the 15th Olsztyn Humanitarian Convoy, reached Kharkov. Donations were given to the local hospital, military volunteers and the church, which has been supporting those in need, internally displaced persons, by organizing accommodation, meals, medical assistance since the beginning of the war…
The idea of ​​the Olsztyn Humanitarian Convoy arose immediately after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. It was then that Adam Giska, pastor of the “Twój Przystań” Pentecostal Church in Olsztyn, decided to go to Ukraine, bringing the most urgent help. He posted about it on social media; Many people joined the action.
— I wrote on my profile asking if anyone would go with me to help transport war refugees. My friends volunteered, as well as people I didn’t know before. We transported some of the gifts we had to Lviv, then we started transporting people from Ukraine to Poland or to the border with Poland. Let’s remember that it was winter. There were cases of people waiting in line to cross the border freezing in ten-degree frost. We tried to bring mothers with children who needed help the most, the pastor recalls.
This spontaneous action did not end there. Now the inhabitants of Olsztyn organize bus transport to transport the most necessary things to Ukraine.
— We obtain funds from various sources. There is a group of volunteers who know entrepreneurs who obtain donations from their friends. We operate at 4 Cicha Street, where you can donate gifts to Ukrainians fighting the invader at virtually any time of the day. We also have support from abroad. But I must admit that the needs are growing. Winter is coming, says Adam Giska.
The first Olsztyn Humanitarian Convoy set out to help fighting Ukraine at the beginning of March 2022 – a few days after the Russian aggression against this country.
— When we crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border in a convoy of nine cars on the morning of March 3, we had absolutely no idea what awaited us on the other side. At the station in Lviv, we met thousands of terrified women, children and elderly people waiting for help and transport. Then there were constant trips with cars filled beyond all capacity, just to make it before the deadly frost to take care of as many people as possible! We drove in silence, in conversations, in tears, in helplessness, but with the hope that somehow it would work out, that the world that was falling apart would be repaired – describe our volunteers.
Since then, thanks to donors and financial support from the inhabitants of Warmia and Mazury and friends from other parts of the country and Western Europe, OKH has reached eastern Ukraine 15 times. The fourteenth one was the largest convoy that Olsztyn volunteers had managed to organize so far. They provided humanitarian aid – over 17 tons.
The war in Ukraine continues. People are dying, women are raped, children are kidnapped by the Russian occupier. Therefore, constant help to the heroic nation is simply necessary.


The 16th Convoy will leave Olsztyn on November 10
photo: OKH

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