Wroclaw. World War II bomb found. Evacuation of residents


About 2.5 thousand people from several streets in Wrocław will have to leave their apartments. The police are evacuating residents because of an air bomb found during construction works at pl. Staszic. Sappers are to pick up the unexploded ordnance around 11.

The Wrocław police and the General Command informed about the discovery at ul. Staszica in Wrocław of a German SC-250 air bomb from the period of World War II.

The services decided to evacuate the residents for the duration of the sappers’ operations.

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Evacuation in Wrocław. Which streets?

The police said that the evacuation concerns people staying on the streets: Reymonta from ul. Łowiecka to Kleczkowska, ul. Kleczkowska from ul. Reymont to ul. Dębowskiego, ul. Dębicki to the intersection with ul. Trzebnicka (without evacuating the blocks at ul. Dębickiego), ul. Trzebnicka from the intersection with ul. Dębicki to Plac Powstańców Wielkopolskich. Then, from Plac Powstańców Wielkopolskich to the intersection with ul. St. Wincentego, turn right at the intersection with ul. Pomorska in Plac ks. Stanisław Staszic to ul. Bishop Tomasz I, to ul. Łowiecka and ul. Reymont. Health clinic ul. Łowiecka and the building of PGE Kogeneracja SA and the building at ul. Staszica 30A.

Evacuated area

The city has prepared three buses for the evacuees. 8-10:30 they will transport residents to a safe place.


The services appealed to people to remain calm and follow their orders.

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