The defeat of the PiS electoral machine. This is their weakest side


IBIMS research were commissioned by Onet. As it turns out, PiS loses on the Internet and in concert. The United Right suffers from many ailments, the last few weeks have been mainly communication problems and personnel scandals – for example a quarrel between Prime Minister Morawiecki and Minister Błaszczak. All this in the atmosphere of the pre-election campaign parliamentary elections 2023. The 800+ program announced by PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński was to be an electoral engine that would guarantee the party a strong first place in the political narrative in Poland. It didn’t.

IBIMS research. PiS disappears from the Internet. “The situation is catastrophic”

Although opinion polls still predict a PiS victory, it is no longer its independent power. Moreover, IBIMS analysts claim that Kaczyński’s party noticeably loses to the opposition on the Internet.

– Most social media users are aware of the 800 plus program, but many people are undecided about its assessment. What could have been an opportunity for PiS to shape the public narrative and understanding of the program has in practice turned into a scenario where the opposition, and especially the Civic Platform, imposes its own interpretations – cites the results of research by “Onet”. So in short: the program is widely known, its announcement was noted by most Poles, but a large part of them do not know how to approach it

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And due to the fact that PiS politicians are unable to break through the network with their narrative, it is taken over by opposition politicians. The evidence that the politicians of the United Right camp “leaved” the topic of promoting the 800+ program is measurable.

– Only 44 MPs (including MPs from Sovereign Poland) used the topic 800 plus in their own communication. The communication leader was Prime Minister Morawiecki, while most PiS MPs limited their online activities to a few likes and shares, according to the studies of “Onet”.

800+ taken over by the opposition

Where PiS cannot, Civic Platform will try, and it happened. – PO took advantage of the gap in communication and imposed its own narrative on the 800 plus program. This transformed the perception of the program by society and strengthened the PO’s position in the public discussion.


Interestingly, similar research was conducted by IBIMS in 2015 and 2021. Already in 2021, analysts claimed that when Kaczyński’s party took power in the network, it was a “giant”. Six years later, there is not much left of this power, which did not go unnoticed by Kaczyński himself, who said at the 2021 training camp: “In the media, unfortunately on the Internet, we will still have to strive to change this situation, the second has the advantage side. We have the advantage of the truth. We don’t cheat. They cheat.” Now, commenting on the results of the IBIMS research, politicians in the leadership of PiS talk about a “catastrophe” that the current staff officers “do not seem to notice”. Onet points out that in 2015, the PiS campaign and marketing background was handled by Paweł Szefernaker, now it’s Anna Plakwicz and Piotr Matczuk.

The last example of PiS’s online activity is the spot “#Garda dla Poles”. It was posted on YouTube on May 23. At the time of publication on May 25, it has barely 266 views.

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