Lublin. They are looking for people willing to work. PLN 4,700 at the beginning

Lublin. They are looking for people willing to work. PLN 4,700 at the beginning
Lublin. They are looking for people willing to work. PLN 4,700 at the beginning

You can take a job in a uniform, for which you get PLN 4,700 to start. We are talking about the possibility of becoming an officer or an officer of the Customs and Tax Service. New employees will help operate border crossings in Dorohusk and Hrebenne.

Recruitment is conducted byand the Customs and Tax Office in Biała Podlaska. He’s looking for it at the moment 10 people: 5 at each of the two border crossings.

– The number of vacancies is not final, it may increase. We will know the exact number of places in June, but we are starting recruitment now – says Krzysztof Guściora, Head of the Lublin Customs and Tax Office in Biała Podlaska.

The recruitment process consists of several stages. In order to participate in the first one, you have to make up for it June 5 and submit a personal questionnaire. This can be done online (here) or at the headquarters of the Tax Administration Chamber in Lublin (it is a superior unit to the office in Biała). But formalities are just the beginning of the recruitment process. There is also a test of knowledge, fitness, psychological and competence waiting for the candidates. The whole will be crowned with an invitation to an interview.

As Michał Deruś from IAS argues, in addition to the salary, which will be PLN 4,700 at the beginning, seniority allowance in the amount of 2 to 25 percent. remuneration and functional additives (e.g. controller’s allowance for night work). In addition, they are entitled “thirteen” and jubilee awards. An officer and an officer may also use co-financing your and your family’s holidays and subsidies for cultural or sports activities. They will be able to retire after 25 years of service, and after 15 years they will receive additional vacation days.

The daily tasks of the Customs and Tax Service include control of compliance with customs legislation and regulations related to the export and import of goods. It performs tasks resulting from the Gambling Act, related to the granting of licenses and permits and the registration of devices. Recognizes, prevents and detects crimes and fiscal offenses as well as crimes related to the import and export of goods for the protection of cultural goods and intellectual property, as well as crimes related to the introduction and removal from the Polish customs territory of goods subject to restrictions or prohibitions. Officers control road traffic and road transport and cooperate with customs authorities of other countries.

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