Wroclaw. An evacuation was announced in part of the city. Evacuation in the city center

Wroclaw. An evacuation was announced in part of the city. Evacuation in the city center
Wroclaw. An evacuation was announced in part of the city. Evacuation in the city center

From 8 am, the evacuation of residents in the area of ​​the square of the rebuilt Staszic Square has been underway. – During the work, an aerial bomb weighing 250 kilograms was found. People living within a radius of 500 meters should leave the premises – says senior aspirant Aleksandra Freus from the Wroclaw city police headquarters. The sappers are expected to start work around 11am.

– The evacuation process has started, the officers go from door to door and inform that the apartment should be left due to the unexploded ordnance. It’s a time-consuming process. However, we must do everything to ensure that people in the vicinity are informed about the situation – says senior asp. Freus.

He adds that, unfortunately, not everyone agrees to leave the apartment. – We can’t force anyone. In such situations, we instruct you not to approach the windows while the sappers are working – adds the policewoman.

Aleksandra Freus reports that about 2,500 people live in the area covered by the evacuation. “Some have already left for work, schools or kindergartens,” the policewoman says.

The buses will take the evacuees to safety

The police inform that three buses for evacuees will be stationed in the area of ​​the Wrocław Nadodrze station, which will transport them to a safe place.

The unexploded ordnance was found during earthworks TVN24

– Sappers will pick up the unexploded ordnance from 11.00. Let’s keep calm and follow the instructions and announcements of the Police and other services – appeals senior asp. Alexandra Freus.

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Residents were informed about the activities in advance. The police released the following statement on Thursday:

“Due to the threat to human health and life caused by an unexploded ordnance from World War II found at Plac Staszica in Wrocław, we would like to inform you that on May 26, 2023 (Friday) from 8.00 am, police officers and other services will carry out the evacuation. Evacuation applies to persons residing in the following streets: Reymonta Street from Łowiecka Street to Kleczkowska Street, Kleczkowska Street from Reymonta Street to Dębowskiego Street, Dębickiego Street to the intersection with Trzebnicka Street (without the evacuation of blocks of flats at Dębickiego Street), Trzebnicka Street from intersection from Dębickiego Street to Powstańców Wielkopolskich Square, then Stanisław Staszic Square from Powstańców Wielkopolskich Square to the intersection with Św Wincentego Street, turn right at the intersection with Pomorska Street into Stanisław Staszic Square to Biskupa Tomasza Pierwszy Street to Łowiecka St. and Reymonta St. Health clinic at Łowiecka St. and the building of PGE Kogeneracja SA and the building at Staszica 30A St. – it was written in the communiqué.

An evacuation of part of Wrocław has been announced. Police announcementPolice/WROCLAW

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