War in Ukraine. Pole Janusz Szeremeta is dead


Janusz Szeremetanickname “Cossack” is one of the two Poles who died in recent days on the front of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Janusz Szeremeta comes from Dynów (Podkarpackie Voivodeship). fought in Ukraine in the ranks of foreigners International Legion. He volunteered. As his friend Janusz said he had no military experience. He went to Ukraine a few days after the Russian invasion began.

Together with Jakub Piskorek Janusz created a profile in social media “Janusztokozakon which they published short recordings and entries from Janusz’s stay at the front.

Jakub Piskorek wrote on the jointly founded social profile: Unfortunately, Janusz Szeremeta, ps. “Kozak” and his comrade Krzysztof died at the front. “This is the saddest information I’ve ever received. On behalf of Janusz, I would like to thank everyone for the help so far, for the box full of words of support” – he added.

Jakub Piskorek also mentioned that together they created the image of Janusz on the Internet, who liked to perform on stage and was a great actor. You can find excerpts from his performances on YouTube.

Jakub Piskorek, when asked if it was a surprise for him and his friends that Janusz goes to Ukraine to fight at the frontdenied and pointed out that Janusz was a man of action, he acted, not talked.

– He wasn’t a nervous guy. He was calm, but acted in such a way that he had a lot of ideas. We agreed 100% energetically. It gave him a lot of joy helping others. A man of action. He worked all the time, he didn’t talk, he just acted – Piskorek said about Szeremet.

He added that Janusz’s partner and daughter came from Ukraine. And initially Janusz he was going to Ukraine to save themto a safe place, but when it turned out that they were safe, he decided to go fight for freedom.

At the same time, Piskorek assured that the decision to go to Ukraine and join the fight was made very thoughtful.

Such actions were quite normal for him. He he needed adrenalinebut it wasn’t an emotional decision either. He regularly repeated every day, after the emotions subsided, that he was going there. And not once did I see a moment of hesitation in him. It was a fully thought-out decision, Piskorek said.

He also reported that they had constant contact with each other on coded applications, even when Janusz was already in Ukraine, at the front.

– Just before leaving, he came to me in Krakow. Of course, I was optimistic, but you know how it is in war: it will come back or it won’t come back. No one knew when it would end, no one expected it to last this long. And then I recorded an interview with Janusz, in which he told why he was going there, how his daughter was feeling. And he was smiling all the time.

He also added that the smile and serenity did not leave Janusz and his comrades in arms in the most difficult moments. As he explained, it was the way to go dealing with the tragic realitysuch a visualization of a better present.

When asked whether Janusz Szeremeta was afraid, he denied it.


John was not afraid. Nothing at all. I never heard him say that he was afraid. But maybe he couldn’t name that fear inside him because he liked adrenaline, so maybe that’s what he was saying, that he wasn’t afraid. But what is very important – he was happy there all the time – recalled Szeremety’s friend.

He added that Janusz was doing great mentally at the front. He was highly respected and trusted among the combatants, he was a platoon leader.

– He was very, very brave, so to answer the question specifically: he has never said to me that he is afraid of anything, but that he is great and he is happy and happy that he is in the place where he should be Piskorek said.

He also quoted Janusz’s words after the first bombing of Jaworów. Then he did not say that he was afraid, but that – and I quote: ‘spi…’ in front of the rockets“.

Asked if it was known how Janusz Szeremeta died, he replied that from a gunshot. For safety reasons place of death is not given.

Piskorek assured that the bodies of both Poles were safe. And now loved ones will strive, to bring Janusz’s body to Poland.

He submitted to the relatives of Janusz and Krzysztof Tyfelsincerest condolences.

“Janusz, YOU ARE GREAT! Rest Brother” – we read in the entry.


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