The scandal on the Polish poultry market: chickens ate fodder with oils for the production of lubricant


This is another poultry scandal in Poland. The Central Investigation Bureau of the Police has collected evidence that Polish chickens, turkeys and ducks were stuffed with fodder with the addition of technical oils. Lubricants and biofuels are produced on their basis, and feeding them to animals is prohibited and dangerous to their health and consumers.

In connection with the case, a married couple from Poznań and two other employees of the company were detained. They are accused of participating in an organized crime group and forging certificates and testing the fats they added to the feed. The couple was arrested on additional charges of money laundering in the amount of at least PLN 170 million.

Farm animals are often fed vegetable fats based on rapeseed, sunflower and palm oil. The supplement is mixed with the feed, but the fats must come from a trusted source, i.e. a proven supplier. According to the findings of the investigators, the accused couple wanted to save on not necessarily cheap fats and decided to import technical oils from countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Malaysia.

The prosecutor’s office states that the procedure has been going on for several years – we read on the website. Imported products did not serve as a food additive, yet were regularly added to poultry feed. These were, among others production waste or low-quality goods. The accused couple added the forbidden fats to chicken feed despite the non-food designation of the products from abroad. The plant mixed toxic fats with edible fats and sold them to the Polish market.

According to WP, adulterated fat was the basis of at least two products intended for the enrichment of poultry feed.

They could be found in the fats given to Polish turkeys, ducks and chickens numerous pollutants, as well as pesticides that are extremely harmful and toxic to animal and human health. They can cause cancer, damage the nervous system, and increase the risk of dementia. Children are also extremely vulnerable to their effects.


The arrested suppliers of feed components run the Polish branch of the German company Berg + Schmidt. On the company’s website we read that: “the company is one of the leading European companies specialized in the production and distribution of fodder oils and fats. 50 years of operation on the market entitles the company’s employees to name themselves” Lipid specialists“.


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