Lara Gessler’s husband went to the hotel after the birth of his son. He needed to rest


Lara Gessler and Piotr Szeląg they started dating in 2019, and a year later they shared photos of the wedding. Two years ago they became the parents of a daughter Nenywho had siblings – a brother Bernard. Lara’s husband, however, did not spend the last few days with his family. He reported on his stay at the hotel on his Instagram profile. He informed his observers that he was taking a short break from “being alone” and was returning to his beloved and children.

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Piotr Gessler needed a break after the birth of his son

I temporarily take a break from being alone with myself and return longing to Lara and the children. Thank you Lara that you understand my needs and support me ” – he wrote. He also expressed his gratitude to his mother-in-law, Magda Gessler. “Thank you for helping me where I need it,” he added.

Photo: instagram / piotr.szelag

Piotr Szeląg needed a break after the birth of his son


Piotr Szeląg in an interview with Pudelek revealed why he needed to be alone, away from his relatives.

– He said.

A few days ago, Lara Gessler thanked for the congratulations and revealed that her daughter Nena is very happy with her younger brother.

“Dear friends, thank you very much for all your wishes and congratulations. Little is wonderful and so far very quiet, and Nena has responded wonderfully to him” – she wrote.

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