Jeffrey Dahmer – The Milwaukee Cannibal. The story of Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix

Jeffrey Dahmer – The Milwaukee Cannibal. The story of Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix
Jeffrey Dahmer – The Milwaukee Cannibal. The story of Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but spent most of his childhood in Bath, Ohio, where he moved with his parents. His father Lionel worked on PhD in chemistrymother was a housewife.

In the first years of his life Jeffrey he was a happy and curious child. He picked up almost every object on the road and carefully studied its texture. Especially he was interested in animalsbut when he turned ten he became fascinated by their anatomy.

Already as a teenager he was collecting dead animalswhich he took to the forest where the Dahmer family plot was located. There he gutted them and stared curiously at their guts. Years later, his father admitted that his son’s seemingly innocent behavior was the beginning of his downfall.

Jeffrey Dahmer he was becoming more and more withdrawn and lonely. He avoided society and was considered a school clown. At the age of 15, he started fantasize about violence and sexual relations with menwhich then turned into obsession and trauma. As the teenager was unable to cope with his fantasies emotionally, he began looking for solace in alcohol. It is, among others for this reason, he was quickly taunted by his peers.

In his senior year of high school, Jeffrey had a hard time divorce of their parents. His father moved to a motel, and his mother moved to another city secretly from her ex-husband. Jeffrey was left alone as a finger.

A few weeks after graduating from high school Jeffrey Dahmer made his sick fantasy related to sexual attraction and violence. His the victim was 19-year-old hitchhiker Steven Hickswho unfortunately got into Jeffrey’s car.

By serving a prison sentence for the committed acts, Jeffrey admitted in the American media years later:

Dahmer invited a newly met man to his home, where he offered him a beer. After a long conversation, the 19-year-old announced that he was going on a further journey, which Jeffrey did not want to agree to at all costs. Dahmer needed the company of someone he understood well and could trust. He decided to keep 19-year-old Hicks with him forever.

Jeffrey Dahmer strangled a man a year his senior. He cut up a part of his victim’s body, put it in rubbish bags and drove it by car to a landfill in the middle of the night. The rest of the remains he buried under the house.

Dahmer was getting bigger and bigger alcohol addictionnot being able to find a job. At the urging of his father, he signed up for therapy of anonymous alcoholicsbut quickly gave it up. After some time, he began studies at the University of Ohio, from which he was expelled after a few months. The next step in life Dahmer was joining the army. The man found himself perfectly in the world of discipline and orders of his superiors. Jeffrey he visibly tighter, gained greater self-confidence, energy and enthusiasm for life.

And when Dahmer seemed to be getting straight, on a training mission in Germany he was dismissed from service. The reason for such a decision was excessive his consumption of alcohol. He was also supposed to have committed himself in Germany rape of two soldiers.

After returning to the USA, he decided to live in Miami Beach, where he got a job as a clerk in a sandwich shop and rented a motel room. When it turned out that most of the money earned was drunk, he lost his roof over his head and landed on the beach in the open air. Then he called his father and asked him for financial assistance.

Jeffrey’s father persuaded him to go home by giving him a plane ticket. Lionel Dahmer once again decided to help his son by saving him on psychological therapy. Each time he drove Jefrrey to the building where the classes were taking place, but after getting inside Jeffrey sneaked out the back exit.

After successive failures Jeffrey went to his grandmother to v Milwaukee, with which he had a very close relationship. For a time he led a normal and stable life, but one time his life the demons made themselves known again. In local library a stranger offered him sexual services, which turned out to be a turning point in Jeffrey’s later life. Dahmer refused to have sexual intercourse but he couldn’t shake off the fantasies coming back about a submissive lover.

He stole a dummy from a shop window and hid it in his room in the house of his grandmother, with whom he was living at the time. He took it out of the closet to then masturbate to it the plastic silhouette of a man.

Jeffrey became a regular at Milwaukee’s gay clubs over time. Killer he drugged his partners with sleeping pillsand when you fell asleep, he lay down by them, listening to the sounds of their bodies.

In November 1987 Jeffrey Dahmer in one of the clubs he met a 25-year-old man, whom he then invited to a nearby hotel. Jeffrey to his guest he put sleeping pills in his drinkand later murdered. In a shop nearby, he bought a huge suitcase in which he hid the body, and then ordered a taxi. The driver who helped Dahmer with his luggage in the car he joked even that Jeffrey seems to be transporting a body in it. He couldn’t have known that his joke was a terrifying truth.


Corpse the man was taken to his grandmother’s house, where he eats in the basement dismembered. The only one purpose of life Dahmer has become the pursuit of sexual pleasure. In 1994, in an interview with American television, he admitted that he had lost control of his obsession and decided to surrender to it unconditionally.

In the years 1978-1991 Jeffrey Dahmer killed and then raped a total of 17 young men and boysand the bodies of some of his victims he ate.

Dahmer victims still alive drilled holes in the skullsthrough which he injected them into their brains hydrochloric acid. Dahmer’s deviations were terrifying – even for several days after the murders of the men, Jeffrey he had sexual intercourse with the bodies of his victims.

In refrigerators and freezers it stored the severed heads and the dismembered body parts. In jars he kept it cut off from the rest of the body genitals of their deceased lovers. Moreover, he photographed dismembered bodies, immortalizing them different stages of their decomposition.

Jeffrey Dahmer has been arrested by the police on July 22, 1991, after several minutes earlier, officers patrolling the vicinity of Dahmer’s house encountered a man with handcuffs on his wrists. He was 32 years old Tracy Edwardswho was to be another victim of Dahmer, but miraculously managed to escape.

Found in Dahmer’s apartment 83 photographs of dismembered bodiesmummified hands and genitals in jarsthree men’s torsos hidden in a barrel and many fragments of the human body.

Jeffrey Dahmer pleaded guiltybut claimed to be insane. However, Dahmer’s defenders failed to convince the court that their client was suffering from mental illness. Jeffrey gave a short speech in the courtroom:

Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 937 years in prison. November 28, 1994 Dahmer died on the way to the hospital following injuries sustained in a prison gym, where he was attacked by two inmates.

On a terrifying basis the story of Jeffrey Dahmer the Netflix platform made a series entitled “Dahmer – Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer“It tells the story of the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, played by Evan Peters. The ten-episode miniseries was released on Netfli on September 21, 2022.


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