Joanna Opozda showed new photos of her son. She also revealed what happened to her after she left Antek


Joanna Opozda is one of the people who actively run an Instagram account. He regularly shares information about himself with Internet users and shows the backstage of his professional life. The actress also tries to be in constant contact with fans and willingly responds to their questions and comments. It was no different this time.

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Joanna Opozda told about health problems after pregnancy and appealed to female fans

Joanna Opozda on motherhood and returning to the form from before pregnancy

During the Q&A organized on Instagram, the most questions that Joanna Opozda received were about her son and how the actress copes with the balance between motherhood and work. It turned out that in her daily duties she can count on the support of her mother and sister. In addition, one of the people also asked where the star gets its energy to act from.

Asia, you are very strong. What helped you not to break down?

Opozda’s reply was short and very specific.

Love for a son – she wrote.

Fans were also curious how the actress managed to get a slender figure so quickly after pregnancy. What did she say?


A lot of stress at first (and I hardly eat then). Now, however, I dance a lot with my son in my arms. I recommend.

While answering the questions, Joanna Opozda boasted about photos and videos in which we can see her beloved child.

Joanna Opozda Instagram / @ asiaopozda

On September 22, Vincent turned seven months old. The proud mother also showed what progress her son is making in his development. The boy is slowly starting to crawl. Another moment and Joanna Opozda, instead of dancing with him in her arms, will be chasing him around the apartment.

The son of Joanna OpozdaThe son of Joanna Opozda Instagram / @ asiaopozda

You can find more photos of Joanna Opozda and her son in our gallery.

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