The name is Jagoda. This year the name has already been given 758 times. The patron is the daughter of Princess Elizabeth


The name is Jagoda has been very popular in recent years in Poland. According to data from the Central Statistical Office, since 2000 there have been still a regular number of girls bearing this name – in 2000 it was given 684 times, in the following years the number continued to grow. In 2018, a record was broken – the name Jagoda was given to as many as 2046 girls.

Since 2018, the popularity of the name Jagoda has slightly decreased, but it is still one of the popular ones – in 2019 it was given 1945 times, a year later 1843 times, and in 2021 the name was given to 1738 girls. For comparison, the most popular name of the year, Susanna, was given 6,562 times.

In 2021 the name Jagoda was the most popular in the Masovian and Silesian provinces – they were issued there successively 276 and 205 times. On the other hand, they were broadcast least frequently in Podlaskie Voivodeship, only 22 times. According to data from the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), the name Jagoda was given 758 times in the first half of this year.

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Berry means a brave and invincible person. The owners of this name it is also curious about the twisted world, whose greatest passion is traveling and making new friends. Jagoda has many interests, likes to deepen her knowledge and draws from life to the full. A sense of humor and a considerable distance to each other quickly win her friends, she is sociable and you can not get bored with her.

Jagoda is confident and is not afraid to fight hard for his opinion, on the other hand, he is an artistic soul, constantly striving for self-improvement. She is spiritual and very kind towards people, loves animals and nature, she should live in the countryside.

Jagoda is a very well-organized and consistent person, and likes law and order at work. He approaches all his tasks and duties with great commitment and never lets go. She is also very ambitious and usually succeeds in life.

Though the name Jagoda is given in our country very often and willingly, it is not a Polish name. Blueberry poses diminutive of JadwigaJagi, which comes from the ancient German words had, meaning “fight” and wig, meaning “fight.” It means a brave, brave and invincible person.

The owners of the name Jagoda have their patron, and she is her Saint Jadwiga. She was born around 1374 as the daughter of the Bosnian princess Elizabeth and the Polish-Hungarian king Ludwik Andegaweński. After the death of her father, at the age of 10, she was crowned Queen of Poland, and to complete the Polish-Lithuanian union, she married Władysław Jagiełło. She was known for her great kindness, generosity and concern for her subjects, she supported the needy and eagerly mitigated conflicts. She was also wise and resourceful.

The most popular and used diminutives of this name are Jaga, Jagusia, Jagna, Jagunia, Jagodzia, Jadzia, Jaguś, Jagodusia, Jagula.

The most famous blueberries in Poland are:

  • Jagoda Cieszyńska – Polish psychologist, speech therapist and poet
  • Jagoda Drzymalska – Polish model
  • Jagoda Kolasińska – wakeboardist and photographer
  • Berry Fryc – Polish journalist
  • Jagoda Gołek – Polish chess player
  • Jagoda Gruszczyńska – Polish representative in beach volleyball
  • Berry Mole – Polish singer
  • Piekary blueberry – Polish fashion designer
  • Jagoda Stach – Polish actress
  • Jagoda Szelc – Polish film director and screenwriter.

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