“Or at first sight”. Przemek was in a relationship by signing up for the program? … Agnieszka took the floor


The eighth season of “Wedding at First Sight” is in full swing. The latest edition of the TVN show focuses on older participants who have more serious relationships and greater life experiences behind them. The changes in the assembly, resulting from the complete cutting out of materials with experts, are also noteworthy. One of the participants looking for love in the program is 28-year-old Przemysław. According to Internet users, the man who entered the “Wedding” was in a relationship with another woman.

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“Wedding at first sight”. These couples seemed to survive

“Wedding at first sight”. Przemek was in a relationship, signing up for the program? The floor was taken by … Agnieszka

Przemek openly said in the program that in the past he tried to create a permanent relationship, but after four years the relationship ended.

Being single is great, but only for the time being. The cool thing is that I can spend my time the way I want. The downside is that sometimes I don’t have anyone to spend this time with, admitted the participant.

Przemek also confessed that he had bought a flat and was planning an engagement. However, his relationship soon fell apart. There are comments on the Internet that the participant hesitated to finally take part in the show because of the partner with whom he was supposed to be in a relationship at the time.

At the beginning, the lecturer in the summary said that when he signed up for the program, Przemek was in a relationship and he had doubts about what to do. How can you even do that? You meet someone and at the same time apply to the program so that they can find you a partner …

I guess it was because he met someone during the recruitment process … Maybe he met someone in the meantime – the viewers speculate.


Agnieszka, the heroine of the seventh edition of “A Wedding at First Sight”, joined the discussion. The participant noticed that if Przemek was in a relationship, they had not decided to get married in the program.

If Przemek had something serious in common with another girl, he would not have taken this wedding. I wasn’t in a relationship and I hesitated too. The question of the program itself and going into the unknown …

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‘Wedding at first sight’. Przemek was in a relationship when he signed up for the program? Agnieszka took part in the discussion photo: Facebook.com

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