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Dave Grohlband leader Foo Fightershad the opportunity to record recently with Liam Gallagher. He commented on their collaboration: “He’s a great singer and a true rock star. He is one of the last true rock stars we have left.” Alone Gallagherwhen asked about these words on social media, he said briefly in his characteristic style: “He’s right, the others are useless.”

Lim Gallagher he posted the following description of himself on his Twitter profile: Rock and Roll Star, Divine, Rasta Icon, Legend, Biblical, Versatile, Prophet, Spiritual, Majestic, Heavenly, Optimistic, Buddhist, Jedi, Accessible, Zen Lover, Humble.

Interestingly, this description is absolutely true, because it is very stylish Liam Gallagher. The musical world heard about him when he was 19 years old. In 1991, the group’s incredible career began Oasishe founded in Manchester. Though it wasn’t until his brother Noel joined her that they sailed out into the wide waters.

Debut album “Definitely Maybe” (1994) was a great success, and the hits released on singles contributed to it “Supersonic”, “Shakermaker” and above all “Live Forever“In total, the album found over 8.5 million buyers around the world! What is important, Oasis they also broke through in the USA, where the album went platinum.

Critics (especially English) wrote about the group in superlatives, it was quickly recognized as one of the most interesting – next to Blur, Suede and Pulp – representatives of the new musical trend, called brit pop. The English music press has always liked to label various phenomena and performers, because it simply sold better to readers. So it was this time.

What was it brit pop? There were extensive studies on this subject, and the trend itself can be described as an English response to American grunge. It was a very melodic, alternative version of rock, very much embedded in British reality (that’s why brit pop practically did not exist outside of England). Created by people usually born in working-class families, who do not hide their regional accents, and were inspired on the one hand by the English music of the 1960s (with The Beatles and The Kinks at the fore), with the other British alternative rock of the 1980s (mainly the achievements of groups from Manchester, such as The Smiths, Stone Roses if Happy Mondays).

Brit pop did not last long, though the group did Blur it operated, with shorter or longer breaks, until 2015, but it decidedly followed in a completely different musical direction. On the other hand Oasis they released two more selling albums, although the third one in their output, “Be Here Now” (1997), was hit hard by critics. Later it was called the moment in which brit pop is over.

In 2009, the Gallagher brothers split up for good – Noel left the ranks Oasisand Liam formed the group with the other musicians Beady Eyewhich recorded two albums and broke up in 2014.

Liam Gallagher back in the days of Oasis, he became a favorite of English tabloids. This was because of his extreme honesty and audacity. He has never hidden that he is a simple Manchester boy who does not think about what, what or whom he will talk about at any given moment.

Probably everyone got from him, the list is long and the quotes are delicious. Here are some examples:

about Chris Martin from Coldplay: “He looks like a geography teacher. But I think he’s just a little messy. He should calm down, he won’t save the world.”

about Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones: “A jealous old man who doesn’t get enough meat pie”

about footballer Waynie Rooney: “Looks like a fucking balloon with … f *** ing petals squashed on his head. He looks better as a skinhead, doesn’t he?”

about Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls: “He can’t even chew gum or walk in a straight line, let alone write a book”

o Bono from U2: “You see pictures of him running around LA with his little white legs and a bottle of water looking like an ass.”

About yourself Liam Gallagher he also said a few interesting times:

“If I wasn’t a musician, then maybe I would be God? It would actually be a good job.”

“If my hair falls out someday, you won’t see me on stage anymore because there is no place for baldness in rock’n’roll.”

“Sometimes I get upset, but not for long. Then I just look in the mirror and say to myself,” Watch how the fuck … you look good. “

The stories of abuse often appeared in the tabloid press Liam Gallagher drugs and his little healthy lifestyle. But the real gold vein for tabloids turned out to be relationships with famous women.

She became his first wife Petsy KensitEnglish model, actress, singer of the group known in the 1980s Eight Wonder. She has a son with her Lennon, who was named after the great idol Liam, John Lennon. This marriage broke up after three years.


The second son of the singer was born by another famous singer, Nicole Appleton from the female group All Saints. They lived together for eight years, then officially married in 2008, but divorced – following Gallagher’s numerous affairs that resulted in two daughters – in 2014.

Even before the divorce, he got involved with his current assistant, 10 years younger than him Debbie Gwyther. In 2019, he officially proposed to her, they were to get married a year later, but the pandemic thwarted their plans. “I’m not messing around with a mask,” he explained in his style.

Liam Gallagher exactly that Debbie Gwyther he owes his survival and return to music. In interviews he later called her “the true savior”. He then had a difficult time in his life – a costly divorce, a costly fight with the mother of his second daughter. As he mentioned, he drank too much and did nothing, and at one point he even had to move to … my mother. Thanks to his new fiancée, who had been working in the music industry for years, he decided to act as a soloist.

“I never really wanted to go solo, but I think this is my last chance to really make music,” he explained.

Hardly anyone gave him a chance for success, but Liam Gallagher proved how much the majority were wrong. Already his first own album “As You Were” (2017), met with a warm welcome from critics and found over 300,000 in England alone. buyers.

So the singer followed the blow and released an album two years later “Why Me? Why Not”, which landed at the top of the list of the most popular albums in England. Ego Liam Gallagher was pleasantly flattered when MTV Europe named him “Rock Icon” in the same year and was voted “the best frontman ever” by the readers of “Q” magazine.

At the same time, he returned to active concert activity, showing that he had lost nothing of his former vitality and stage presence. He also performed songs from the repertoire Oasiswhich was always warmly received by the audience, especially when he started performing at major English festivals, including Reading.

In May 2022 Liam Gallagher released his third solo album, “C’mon You Know”, recognized – also by an Interia reviewer – as the best in his achievements. “The third album is a meeting between the old Liam and the new one, who allows himself even more experiments and fun” – he aptly assessed Mateusz Kamiński. “‘C’Mon You Know’ is a very joyful album. You can hear that Liam still gets satisfaction from what he does.”

The album ended up at the top of the list of the best-selling in England. In June, promoting the album, Liam Gallagher he performed at the huge festival in Knebworth Park, singing to 80,000 fans – exactly 26 years after he performed with Oasis there.

Journalists who spoke to him recently quite unanimously say that the singer … calmed down. In one of the interviews he admitted: “This voice [w mojej głowie]who had been telling me from afar: ‘Go to sleep. Don’t come out tonight, ‘I hear very clearly now. That’s why I say to myself, ‘Relax. You had your time. So now I listen to that voice … I don’t wanna feel like shit anymore. “

The more so because he has long postponed the surgery of implanting new hip joints, which are afflicting him more and more as a result of the disease.

“I’m 50 years old, I would like to continue to have fun, but it’s not for me anymore,” he said. And he adds self-critically: “There are things from the past that I’m not proud of, there are things that I screwed up, and I did some stupid things as well.”

Is this really the end of the last real rock star?

Tomasz Słoń

The article is in Polish

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