All couples got married! We know how they chose them! Maciej was the most surprised!


In the third episode of “A Wedding at First Sight 8”: all 3 couples got married! We know who got married with whom! However, Maciej’s behavior was the most surprising! Which marriage do you think has the best chance of survival?

“Marriage at First Sight 8”: Who got married to whom?

In the third episode of “A Wedding at First Sight” we finally watched the long-awaited weddings of three couples and found out who the experts matched for whom! Let’s recall all the participants of the eighth edition of the matrimonial show and their names:

  • Justyna Hołubowicz, 31, Warsaw
  • Marta Milka, 38 years old, Międzybrodzie Bialskie
  • Marta Podbioł, 32 years old, Katowice
  • Maciej Mikołajczak, 37 years old, Szczecin
  • Patryk Aniśko, 37 years old, Słubice
  • Przemysław Wereszczyński, 28, Poznań

All the brides kept their surnames and decided that the children born of this union would take their husband’s surname. Who got married to whom?

“Wedding at first sight”: Justyna Hołubowicz and Przemysław Wereszczyński

They were the first to get married 31-year-old Justyna and 28-year-old Przemysław!! The bride, although usually calm, felt stress on her wedding day with a stranger!

I was afraid to meet Przemek’s eyes. I was very surprised by this. I didn’t think such stress would get me. Normally I’m not afraid to meet someone’s eyes.

Fortunately, Justyna liked Przemek!

I had no expectations for my appearance. I know perfectly well that in old age we will both be old, wrinkled and five centimeters shorter, but to be honest, I like brunettes with glasses, with facial hair. Przemek is my type

Justyna said.

Also Przemek was positively surprised by the appearance of his wife!

I had no expectations of who I would get, because that person had been chosen, she had already been decided earlier. I was to accept it and I accepted it. And it’s great. A really lovely girl

– said Przemek.

“Wedding at first sight”: Marta Podbioł and Maciej Mikołajczak

They got married as the second couple 32-year-old Marta and 37-year-old Maciej. Maciej was consumed by enormous stress! He waited a long time for his future spouse and stress took over his whole body, which he admitted in front of the camera!

When I saw Marta for the first time, I had no more thoughts, because the emotions were reaching their zenith, the blood began to pulsate

– said Maciej.

Also Marta, who is a mother of a 2.5-year-old son, was initially stressed.

I didn’t register his face at all at first, though I did notice his eyes

– she admitted.

However, Maciej’s behavior exceeded all expectations! The groom was so stressed that he was overcome by nervous tics on his face, he was laughing nervously, whether he was adjusting his jacket and did not know what to do with his hands. Marta even thought that the groom had lit something before the wedding, but justified his behavior.

I was surprised that he was laughing so much. I like that he is happy, I like it. Sometimes when he was laughing, I didn’t know what for. I even asked him if he had anything to do before the wedding, why is he so chuckling. With time, I realized it was because of stress

Marta said.

Maciej’s stress was so great that he skipped while taking the marriage vow!

Even the mayor giving the wedding couple took notice to Maciej’s inappropriate behavior!


The gentleman is already partying, but a moment longer. We wish you a lot of smile, Mr. Maciej gave us quite a lot of this!

she pointed out, but he didn’t feel offended.

“Wedding at first sight”: Marta Milka and Patryk Aniśko

They got married for the last time 38-year-old Marta and 37-year-old Patryk. Marta is the oldest participant of the show so far. The couple was pleasantly surprised by their physiognomy. Patrick’s first impressions were positive.

I thought she was a very pretty girl. At first, I was a little scared. In general, I like it, this is my type, but I have not met such a woman yet, because she is a blonde, and I haven’t dated a blonde yet

– revealed Patrick.

Marta also got a good first impression.

When he looked at me, I saw a very nice, kind face, a handsome boy. Fanie smiled at me like that and I felt such warmth somewhere and it was such a positive emotion. I can’t say if something would connect us if we passed each other on the street

– she assessed.

Fans comment on Maciej’s behavior from “Wedding at First Sight 8”

Maciej Mikołajczak and his faces, which he shot during his wedding, attracted the greatest attention of fans. Maciej even got the nickname “Mr. Bean” from them.

Maciek is a tragedy. Making a fool of yourself and thinking it’s cool … I hate it when someone tries to force attention to themselves

He was acting like he was 12 years old … Marta, run away!

Mr. Bean didn’t like me, I’m cheering for the rest

Behavior as if the marijuana packet has come out; D.

– commented on the program’s Facebook.

See what their weddings looked like in the gallery! Which couple has the best chance of love? How do you rate Maciej’s behavior?

Wedding at first sight 8: All couples got married! Maciej was the most surprised! See the gallery!




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