Khloe Kardashian with a PLASTER on his face plays with children on the beach in Malibu (PHOTOS)


Kardashianka She emphasizes her shapes at every step, willingly showing herself in tight stylizations that show the effects of her transformation. This time the paparazzi “caught” her fooling around with the kids on the beach.

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Khloe was photographed on a beach in Malibu with her daughter True and nieces: Penelope, North and Chicago. The celebrity must be one of the favorite aunts, because the photos she took showed that she was having a great time with her children.

The muscular body of the reality show star was also eye-catching. Khloe opted for a black top and tight leggings that only accentuated the figure. Kardashianka also did not forget about fashionable accessories, because you could see large black glasses on her nose.

The photos showed considerable size plaster on the left cheek Kardashianki. Celebrities have repeatedly been accused of sympathizing with aesthetic medicine. Some say that her changed appearance is not only the result of frequent visits to the gym, but the interference of plastic surgeons.


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It doesn’t look good anymore

Does she still recognize herself in the mirror?


Someone probably told her that such nails will optically lengthen her :))))


Where do you see this muscular body? I can see silicone butt on sticks.

She has already gone overboard with this weight loss. Dry, veins on top, it looks as if you are starving all the time.

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These claws are so hideous that words are missing.

It looks caricatured. Strangely starved, by force. Naturally slim women and men eat normally and do not have to torture themselves and have normal weight adjusted to their height. And her face … people! She must have had a transplant! Tragedy

I wonder what she has started in her face this time?

And I’ve always found her the coolest. Those are so bulky, and she with that flirtatious smile. I don’t know why she had and I think she has complexes, because she is pretty. That she’s not like the rest? This is a huge plus.

She must have scratched herself with those talons ….

And so I will betray you, let your self-esteem improve, not a visit to the surgeon.

He looks like a drowner from The Witcher


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