The funeral director told how Marilyn Monroe looked after death. Shocking facts

The funeral director told how Marilyn Monroe looked after death. Shocking facts
The funeral director told how Marilyn Monroe looked after death. Shocking facts

It’s been 60 years since Marilyn Monroe died. Her fans surely know perfectly well what her real name and surname were. It’s also no secret that there was more to the Kennedy brothers than just friendship. These are just two of the most popular facts about her life. Be sure to read what else we managed to find about it.

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$ 1.50 for a Playboy photo

At the beginning of her career, Marilyn Monroe worked mainly as a photo model. For one of the first photos to appear on the Playboy cover, she only received $ 50. Years later, Hugh Hefner bought the negatives for $ 500 and made millions of them.

2. Marilyn Monroe had a baby, but gave it up shortly after giving birth?

It is well known that despite the fact that Marilyn Monroe wanted to have a child, she did not have a child. Was it really so? Anthony Summers’ book “The Goddess. The Secrets of the Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe” sheds new light on this matter. In her youth, the actress was supposed to hide her pregnancy for many months. When she finally admitted it, her legal guardian took care of proper medical care and made sure that the child was born in the hospital. After the boy was born, he was placed in an orphanage.

3. Not only a talented actress, but also a producer

For many people, Marilyn Monroe is above all a beautiful and talented actress. Interestingly, her professional experience was much more extensive. In 1955 she opened her own production company – Marilyn Monroe Productions. Two years later, together with photographer Milton Greene, she produced the film The Prince and the Actress.

4. She sang about diamonds but did not wear them

It turns out that Marilyn Monroe did not wear expensive jewelry. The most valuable decoration in her collection was a ring with 35 diamonds, which was given to her by her second husband – Joe DiMaggio. All the jewels that the actress wore were part of the stage costumes.

5. Marilyn Monroe has undergone plastic surgery

A few years ago, medical records were released, which confirmed that Marilyn Monroe underwent two plastic surgeries during her career. It turned out that the actress had chin implants and a corrected tip of her nose.

6. Hair on the face

Apparently, the fluff on her face appeared because she regularly used creams with hormones to give her skin a glow. Despite the fact that producers and directors insisted that she remove the fine hair, she insisted not to, as it makes the skin look softer in the camera lens.

7. She was not nominated for an Oscar and earned relatively little

Despite the fact that she was one of the most popular actresses in the world, she did not receive an Oscar nomination. Compared to other stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Monroe was paid quite a low salary. She received $ 100,000 for her last film, Something’s Gotta Give, while at the same time Taylor received a million dollars for her role as Cleopatra.

8. She was a great cook

Apparently, Marilyn Monroe was great in the kitchen. Her signature dish was the bouillabaisse fish soup. Many of its provisions were to be preserved in notes and letters.


9. Who was her favorite painter?

Marilyn Monroe admitted that her favorite artist was the Spanish painter, graphic artist and romantic artist Francisco Goya.

I know him very well, we have the same dreams. I’ve been dreaming about the same things since I was a child – she said in interviews.

10. In the 1950s, she converted to Judaism

It can be said that Marilyn Monroe could also boast a rich spiritual life. When she was 18, she joined the Christian Science Association. Later in her life, she became interested in various currents, including Rudolf Steiner anthroposophy. In turn, in 1956, shortly before her marriage to Arthur Miller, she converted to Judaism.

11. She had a soft spot for animals

Marilyn Monroe owned many dogs. Her last pet was a Maltese named Maf (short for “beloved mafioso”), which she received from Frank Sinatra.

12. What was Marilyn Monroe’s body like right after her death?

Allan Abbott, head of one of the most famous funeral homes in the United States, told about the actress’s body right after her death.

She resembled the most ordinary woman who, in addition, did not care for herself. She had suckers, her hair was short and sparse and matted. She had not shaved her legs for several weeks, she had badly neglected fingernails and toenails. Among the actress’s belongings were found inserts that she put into her bra, as her natural breasts had lost their firmness.

More photos of Marilyn Monroe can be found in the prepared gallery at the top of the page.

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