“Heaven in Hell”: The new “365 days”? Magdalena Boczarska in sex scenes

“Heaven in Hell”: The new “365 days”? Magdalena Boczarska in sex scenes
“Heaven in Hell”: The new “365 days”? Magdalena Boczarska in sex scenes

Olga (Magdalena Boczarska) and Maks (Simone Susinna) is 15 years apart. She is a successful woman with an established position, the mother of an adult daughter, he is a handsome young man who enjoys life in a handful and lives only for the moment. It might seem that these two different worlds will never meet, and yet fate put them in the way.

Apart from the aforementioned Boczarska and Susinna, we will also see the cast Katarzyna Sawczuk, Sebastian Fabijański and Janusz Chabior.

Whether “Heaven in Hell” will repeat the success of “365 days”? Are there more erotic scenes in it? It will be released next year, when the film hits theaters.


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“Heaven in Hell” [trailer]
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Magdalena Boczarska boasted about her cooperation with an Italian actor on her Instagram.

“Simone Susinna and I just started shooting a movie about a love that should never happen,” she wrote under the film frame.


Director Tomasz Mandes while on his social media he admired Boczarska.

“Magda Boczarska is one of the brightest (if not the brightest) and one of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) actresses of her generation. If she hadn’t agreed to play” Heaven in Hell “, I simply wouldn’t have made this movie. Without her, it wouldn’t have made sense. Thanks to her, I know that it will be my most beautiful film “- wrote the director.

Simone Susinna, or handsome Nacho from the movie “365 Days: This Day” after the premiere of the production on Netflix, it gained over half a million followers in just a few days!

Simone is an Italian model. The 28-year-old has collaborated with popular brands. He appeared in the Guess campaign and walked in the Armani show.

Now he has stormed into Polish show business and everything indicates that he will stay there for longer.

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