Danuta Martyniuk, Zenek’s wife, poses in a leather mini skirt and a terrible sweater


Danuta Martyniuk accompanies her husband, Zenek Martyniuk at the Disco Polo Festival in the USA.


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Danuta Martyniuk about nose surgery! “I couldn’t breathe”

The concert tour includes Polish diaspora centers in the United States and Canada, and was published on Instagram a photo of the Martyniuks in the company of other artists.

Danuta posed for the photo like a professional model, slightly at an angle to visually slim her figure, with her hand on her hip and her feet perfectly positioned on one axis.

Unfortunately, her styling spoils the impression

Zenek’s wife combined a black leather mini mini dress with black boots and opaque black tights with a sweater with a Norwegian pattern. It’s hard to guess what she might have had in mind when choosing such an unfortunate combination.

However, not everyone shares the opinion that the problem lies in poorly selected elements. There is no shortage of opinions that Danuta’s styling is very consistentbecause it’s completely disastrous.

In addition, the tight sweater seems to suggest that she is Zenek’s wife there may have been a yo-yo effect. It would be a pity, because she invested a lot of effort and money in her metamorphosis.

The official beginning of her transformation was September 2020, when, waiting outside the courthouse in Białystok for her son, Danielawho had just participated in a divorce hearing, she had a chat with journalists.

She then accused her former daughter-in-law of appropriating a valuable family heirloom and called her a “shithead” as a farewell. However, Zenek’s wife remembered mainly unflattering comments about herself from that day. As she later recalled in “Party”:


“Under my photos, Internet users wrote that I was fat, ugly, that I looked like Zenek’s mother and that my husband should find someone younger, more attractive. It hurt me a lot and finally the moment came when I thought: “I’ll show you again!”

Last year at the “Personality and Success 2022” gala She impressed with her 17-kilogram slimmer figure. As it turned out, this was just the beginning. Since then, she has managed to lose more kilograms, which was clearly visible on her face.

Danuta Martyniuk decided to deal with excess skin with a facelift and reduce her nose to match her more subtle features, of course justifying her decision with health reasons.

Unfortunately, the sweater with a Norwegian pattern did not turn out to be a flattering choice for the new figure of Zenek’s wife…

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