Machulski’s illegitimate son visits his father’s grave. He talked about their relationship


On November 20, on the 15th anniversary of his father’s death, Wojciech Machulski shared his reflections about his father. He returned to Warsaw to visit his father’s grave at the Powązki Military Cemetery and attended Holy Mass for him.

“I’m not in Oman, I came back from it on Wednesday. This morning I went to Holy Mass for him. I’m yet to visit the cemetery. November 20 is an important day for me every year,” Wojciech told the Plotek website.

Jan Machulski remains in his son’s memory as a man full of life, with whom he shared many important moments.


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Wojciech Machulski works as a spokesman for the New Hope party and deputy spokesman for Konfederacja. Despite the complicated family situation Jan Machulski he took an active part in his upbringing.

“I remember my father very well. He was a joyful man, he loved spending time with me, my mother and my grandmother. Even though he achieved great success, he never exalted himself in front of others, he always treated strangers with a smile. In those years he was in in my everyday life, we visited many countries together (…), watched various fairy tales at the cinema, and once he showed me the film “Teutonic Knights” from 1960, which aroused my passion for history (…). He told me a lot, he read with me the scripts of the productions in which he was to star, he took me to rehearsals,” Wojciech Machulski recalled in “Fakt” in 2022.


Jan Machulski was a theater, film and television actor and director. The originator of the Walk of Fame in Łódź and the co-founder of the Theater of Desire in Warsaw. Long-time dean of the Acting Faculty of the Łódź Film School. He was the husband of Halina Machulska for over 50 years.

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