Paulina Smaszcz fired back at the issue of “mourning for her husband”. Kurzajewski got hit


For many years it seemed that this love would never end. Maciej Kurzajewski and Paulina Smaszcz However, they eventually divorced at the beginning of 2020, and the TVP presenter did so over time he found comfort in the arms of Katarzyna Cichopek. It sounds like a story like many in Polish show business. However, the breakdown of Smaszcz and Kurzajewski’s relationship is distinguished by the fact that the ex-wife does everything to not let her ex-partner or the wider public forget about herself.

Over the last few months, one could have hoped that the months-long dispute between the former spouses would finally go away and become their private matter again. Paulina Smaszcz spoke about her ex-husband noticeably less frequently, which, according to some, was related to… a lawsuit received from Kasia Cichopek’s lawyers. Yeah However, the new quality did not last long.


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Smaszcz first spoke about her desire to have a third child, when she was still Maciej Kurzajewski’s wife, and now she turned directly to him. It all started with an illustration shared by an influencer on Instastory. The picture depicted a woman who should be a pillar for her husband when he lacks strength. Paulina Smaszcz did not like this vision of a marital relationship, so she commented on it with the following words: “And what if she has no strength? He will quickly find another one. Why does he need a weak, powerless, sick woman?”.

In response to the celebrity, a torrent of critical comments poured out. Smaszcz presented some of them to her fans. Interestingly, the longest response from her was a message that was neither clearly aggressive nor vulgar. A fan following her on Instagram instead mockingly said: “Still mourning for my husband…”.


The suggestion that she was mourning her ex-husband clearly offended Paulina Smaszcz. The celebrity was outraged by this approach, because “ironizing this situation is downright inhumane”. She also recalled various “sins” of Maciej Kurzajewski, allegedly under the pretext that her former partner did not exist for her at all:

“My ex-husband did not die. The time of mourning is the time after the death of a loved one and irony about this state is inhumane, because in each of our lives someone dies or will die. Why do they still think that my ex-husband exists for me? No, it doesn’t exist. Lawyers are talking about lawsuits. What kind of father is he who reports the mother of his children to the police or sends a prosecutor? I leave the judgment to his conscience and his children” – she complained online, apparently not noticing a certain contradiction between what she declares and what she does.

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