Frank Ferrer and Magda Malicka are divorcing. They had only been married for a year

Frank Ferrer and Magda Malicka are divorcing. They had only been married for a year
Frank Ferrer and Magda Malicka are divorcing. They had only been married for a year

When in 2018, Tomasz Karolak appeared in salons alongside a certain beauty, no one knew who his mysterious companion was. Only later did it turn out that she lived in the United States Magdalena Malickaalso known as “Dziun”.


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If it weren’t for acting, Cezary Pazura would have entered the culinary path!

Unfortunately, this relationship ended almost as quickly as it began, a both sides were reluctant to return to him.

“Wanting to start the New Year with a clean and clear slate, I would like to inform all interested parties that my relationship with Tomasz K. ended faster than it began. All for a simple and unique reason. He forgot to warn me that his twelve-year affair was ongoing. So I took my toys and left his sandbox,” Malicka later accused him in an online entry.

The woman, even though she appeared, among others, in “Dzień Dobry TVN”, she did not stay permanently in Polish show business. She returned to Los Angeles and lived her life there. Interestingly, she even started to get better emotionally.

Some time ago, foreign media started writing about her relationship with Guns N’Roses drummer Frank Ferrer. The couple even got married in 2022 and judging by the photos on Instagram and mutual assurances of love, it seemed that they were destined for each other.


Meanwhile, to the surprise of many, People magazine reports that the musician filed for divorcey, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the breakdown of the marriage. The couple’s marriage lasted only 16 months.

Interestingly, during their 1st wedding anniversary there was no indication that they would break up so soon. At that time, Frank Ferrer even posted a post in which he assured about his own love towards Malickieji expressed hope that there are many more anniversaries ahead of them. As you can see, time has verified everything…

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