Lanberry is no longer single. Her partner is… a TVP star


Lanberry (listen!) sits in the juror’s chairThe Voice from Poland” for the second edition. This is a great distinction for the star and a constant motivation to expand her competences. This, combined with her charisma and talent, made viewers quickly like her. Even rumors about the arrangement did not make the 36-year-old stop enjoying the sympathy of viewers.

The star’s professional life is not only full of emotions. Privately, Lanberry is dating a musician who almost… won “The Voice of Poland” years ago. It is worth emphasizing that Lanberry also appeared as a participant in 2013, but she did not go far. Her partner, Ernest Staniaszek from Marek Piekarczyk’s team, could boast of a better place. As reported by Plejada, only ten years later he stole the singer’s heart.


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Ernest Staniaszek is 34 years old and a musician by profession. The man studied sound engineering at the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw. He is a vocalist, harmonica player, guitarist, and author of lyrics and music. He performed with many bands, such as Amnezja, Ultima and Eleanor Krieger. Importantly, he belongs to the proud group of self-taught people.

In the 3rd edition of the famous show “The Voice of Poland”, Ernest reached the finals. He only lost to the well-known Mateusz Ziółko.

“In the program, I met cameras, interviews and artists whom I respected and admired for many years. There were plenty of tips. The most difficult thing for me was how to speak in front of cameras,” he revealed in an emotional conversation with Onet Kultura.

The lovers do not officially appear together (probably because of… Lanberry’s work on Polish Television), but the man accompanies her during the recordings. According to Plejada’s informant, they are very affectionate towards each other behind the scenes.

Well, it must be admitted that it is difficult not to share such happiness. Although Lanberry protects its privacy, in an interview with WP she openly admitted that she was in love: :


“I feel like singing about my relationship with myself, my relationship with my beloved. Of course, on the album I’m creating now, I won’t avoid topics that will burn me at the moment, but I would like it to be filled with optimism. I’m at such a moment in my life that I want to share good energy and bright thoughts.

Then she emphasized that her love story was a complete accident, and although she had known her beloved before, they came closer to each other completely unexpectedly.

“We found a common language almost immediately. So much so that sometimes we actually finish each other’s sentences. That’s the charm of the initial stage of a relationship. A relationship that develops beautifully” – Lanberry boasted in love.

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